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Puffle Party
Average Rating: 4.7 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 17
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You are on the reviews page for the Puffle Party 2012. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate4Stars.png By Wwe Vs Wwf

OMG This is an awesome party! I was going to have 5 stars but there are some annoying glitches! So shocked that they made a room so people can get the St. Patrick's hat! This is just awesome. The Puffle party is just as awesome look how they add more detail for example loom at the code they used the WHOLE room! It's cool to be a puffle but its too mad only members do this. They made a new mascot evern Club Penguin should just do Puffle Hander then PH lol xD They could of added more hats for example brown hat at the brown puffle room. Glad they bring the roof and not did what happened last year, Also Its a good idea to bring the puffle show to members. And last thing I'm glad the puffles have that old hair that was awesome then the new hair. Waddle on! -Wwe Vs Wwf.

Rate5Stars.png By Broseph16

One of the best parties ever! The turn into a puffle feature is awesome! I also like how they brought back a St. Patrick's item! :D

Rate4Stars.png By ShrimpPin

I'm actually impressed! Turning into a puffle is fun, but the only time I'll rate a party 5 stars is when they COMPLETELY go overboard in the decorations... :) The reason it's 4 stars is because a lot of rooms are reused from the past.

Rate5Stars.png By Cylly1512

I love this party, it's one of the best parties! Since September 2011 CP has made epic parties (well not counting in January and February 2012, which were jokes...) but The Fair 2011, Halloween 2011 and Holiday 2011 were all great parties! I hope April Fools' will be that great as well! :)

Rate5Stars.png By Chill57181

What the? A GOOD party in 2012? I didn't know that was possible!

The party was sweet. I like how CP reused most of the puffle rooms from before. The Blue Puffle remodel was cool and I loved the White Puffle's new location. The Play Zone was awesome, and turning into a Puffle was sweet! (I got a new one just for this occasion)

Also, PH was introduced! I just met her a few minutes ago, and it was pretty sweet!

Rate5Stars.png By Lego97

Very good party, I'll explain more below.


+You get to turn into a puffle!

+I liked how they threw in a St. Patrick's theme with the Mine Shack, and brought back the Gigantic Hat, didn't see that coming.

+Glad to see PH as a new mascot.

+I really like the decorations for some of the rooms this year, especially the Beacon (you get to throw pies!). In fact, I really like how CP is changing the decorations for some of their yearly parties as of late.

+Each room has tons of playability in some way.

+All the free items are for everyone.

+Everyone can access the Puffle Show.

+The Play Zone is really cool! I like how you can climb up the tubes.

I honestly can't think of any cons. Overall, fantastic party, best party of 2012 so far. For those of you who quit CP due to the mediocre parties this year so far, you are REALLY missing out. Parties like this are why I continue to play CP.

Rate5Stars.png By Greeny50850

Its been 2 months since a party like this, here are the Pros and Cons

Pros: + Yay, PH! I met her and got an awesome BG. + New Rooms, Love the new rooms including the Green, Blue and White Puffles. + Playzone: One of the best playzones ever + Puffle Transform: You can be a puffle anywhere, if you haven't noticed + St. Patricks Day, Cool! + Its not a joke! Like the start of 2012!

Cons: - There are no cons!

Definatley a party to remember, Transform and party, Bye!

Rate5Stars.png By Mariocrossing1

WOW! A good party? Never seen one in months! There's a puffle hat for non-members. How often do you see that? Almost NEVER! It's also the first PP that has the Puffle show open to ALL PLAYERS! Good job!

Rate5Stars.png By LordMaster96

Nothing bad I could say about this party. This party is one of the best parties of the year, and there's little to criticize this year. The Puffle Spa/Puffle Play Zone is a big hit this year, and adding PH is the perfect combination. Apart from the minor buddy list glitch at the start of the party, it should be enjoyable right 'till the end. Oh, did you notice the puffles in the rooms (that are supposed to be there) still have the old look? Since I'm nice I'll let that go. 5 stars for me.

Rate5Stars.png By Vitwk33

"The year of 2012 starts now for Club Penguin." This is the best party of 2012, the best Puffle Party and one of the best in the history of the game.


+ The Spa Puffle, although only to members, and I am not a member, I've seen that is a spectacle. Live the life of a puffle is the best thing that a penguin could want.

+ Launch a hat puffle as free item for non-members. Before, they could only have hats unlocking them, but to make a replica of a hat of a penguin for the puffle was also super cool.

+ First time Puffle Show was released to non-members.

+ First time the Puffle Handler appear on the island as a famous penguin. Previously only appeared in video games, but won space online and is now here, along with the penguins and puffle in this super party.

+ Despite the theme of the party to be about Puffle, CP staff also did not forget St. Patrick's Day and made the Mine Shack a true field of ... the four-leaf clovers. Still have a free item, the second coming of 2008, this time a giant hat of Saint Patrick.

+ The new White Puffle place, the Ski Hill, was pretty cool too, though little space.

Cons: None!

Perfect party.

Defining the party in a word ... superb. 5 star.

Rate5Stars.png By A7XRev

This is so awesome! Pros:

  • The Puffle Playzone/Spa is an awesome room for CP to add to the Puffle Party. Personally climbing around in the tubes is my favorite thing to do there.
  • PH being meetable! Although I haven't met her yet (and I probably won't) I think it's an awesome feature.
  • The new decorations for the party. The Town, Plaza and Forest have the best makeovers in my opinion.
  • The hilarous Field-Op that when you finish, it says that the Brown Puffles Cafe machine made Coffee out of Jelly Beans.
  • The diffrences between last year and this one. Like the White Puffles new domain and the Mine Shack is decorated for St Patrick's Day.

Cons: (Hard to belive there is one)

  • I hope other people don't hate me for saying this but the only con is that the Pet Shop dosen't have a big dance party. And the one at the Rooftop was very small.

Unlike the Underwater Expedtion and the Fashion Show which were okay, this and Rockhopper's Quest is what I call a true CP party.

Rate4Stars.png By Lm34gt45

Decorations: 7.5 (Reused, but some redesigns are cool.)

"WHOA"ness: 9 (Transforming into a puffle is cool. Seems as though 2012 is the year in which CP makes popular wishes come true.)

Live up to hype: 10 (Sure. It's actually waaay better than I thought.)

Lasting freshness: 10 (Puffle transformations with friends, PH, OH MY!)

Rate5Stars.png By Welcome00

Its really unexpected that CP finally made a good parties this year unlike those last parties lately. It seems they returned the rare Gigantic St. Patricks Hat! I really liked the idea of mixing St. Patricks Party and Puffle Party, but one of my favourite things is that you could tun into a puffle! SWEET! Not just that, they have redecorated the blue puffles room (with a smaller ball pit), red puffles room (they've added a treehouse) and the green puffles room! (You can throw pies!) They even relocate the white puffles room and returned the Cloud-Maker 3000! Like some reviews on above, there is hardly no cons! I really hope they would extend the party, and look PH is meetable now!

Rate5Stars.png By 1998drpepper

This party is amazing I love how we can be Puffles and met the Puffle Handler

Rate4Stars.png By Awesome335

Impressive! This is the ONLY decent party I have seen this year!

  • Pros:
  • Non-member friendly
  • New mascot-PH
  • Can turn into a puffle-AWESOME!!!
  • Free puffle hat
  • New background
  • Cons:
  • Some room designs did not change. I expect more modernization
  • Many places to get free items, but they are pretty much the same EVERY TIME!!!

Rate4Stars.png By Dps04

This party is nice pretty much due to the new mascot PH. Unfortunately not much of the rooms differ from the same party last year, which results in a slight sense of disappointment.

Rate5Stars.png By Feey1

This party is awesome! Users can turn into puffles, act like puffles, and all sorts of other cool stuff. It is, however, sad that un-members can't buy Puffle Costumes, or turn into puffles.