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Operation Blackout Logo.png Operation: Blackout
Average Rating: 4.9 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 22
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Rate5Stars.png By Ronnp09CP

We've been waiting for this Operation to Happen! And finally it came!! Its a new party so its awesome!!! I say this is the most awesome event in 2012!!!! I don't hate anything! Except for Gary being kidnapped by Herbert....

Rate5Stars.png By LordMaster96

Guess this event is worth a year's wait. The atmosphere definitely plays a major role in this. While potentially losing the EPF is disappointing, the unraveling of events alongside with meeting Herbert and the items will give it a 5. Hopefully penguins won't start crowding Herbert and asking him for autographs when they're supposed to capture him. Wait, don't they have the tools already? Kinda ironic but I won't let that judge my rating. It really isn't in CP's hands.

Rate5Stars.png By TheBroMaster

Even though I haven't logged in, it's AWESOME! 'Bout time Herbert actually succeeds with something :P

Rate5Stars.png By Wolfgangs

This party is considered the best party in 2012! Every room is decorated and the purpose of this party is so interesting! It surely deserves 5 stars without mentioning more info.

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

WOW! What an amazing party! I love the storyline behind it, Herbert being meetable, and the items! There are different operations every day or so which makes this party VERY long lasting. It also seems as if there will be more snow adding to the party, which will add onto decorations. The music is also super cool, long lasting and NEW! Also, on a personal note, I wanna be a doctor when I am a little older, so I am loving the Lighthouse :P. I wouldn't say this is the BEST party of 2012, but I would say it is tied with Puffle and Halloween.

Rate5Stars.png By Szron

This party is absolutely awesome! Was Operation Blackout worth the wait of over a year? Definitely yes!

Rate5Stars.png By 6title78

5 stars, hands down. This party, is epic. I'm so glad this party finally came. Was it worth the wait all year? Absolutely! It is just too epic for just 5 stars... give it 10 stars! xD


  • Epic rooms :D
  • Herbert coming to the island :O
  • Everything darkish from Herbert... I like that xD
  • Free items for non-members that are epic - finally! :D
  • And everything else. :D


  • Absolutely none. :D

Rate5Stars.png By Mario Rk

This party is outstanding in many ways. I love the idea and creativity of this event. Adding Herbert may break the rules of being our enemy but still a amazing party. The items are spectacular. The music was amazing too. It really shows how the island is surrounded by darkness. I find it interesting Herbert may succeed for once and what the conclusion will be. Overall a amazing party with a great background and worth the wait.

Rate5Stars.png By Chill57181

Possibly one of the best parties this year!


  • Herbert is a mascot! Woot!
  • Nearly the entire island is decorated (blackout included).
  • The mission is fun, it's a little annoying to have to come back every two days to continue but it's still cool nonetheless.
  • Really cool items (and most of them are free!)


  • Like LM said, I'm really hoping we won't lose the EPF like the PSA. :/
  • I really hoped it would be a PSA-style mission.

So, it's a 5 overall, since the only cons are basic assumptions, with no proof that they will/would happen whatsoever. Was this party worth a 13-month wait? Definitely!

Rate5Stars.png By Terryon

This is the greatest party ever! I love the current items and upcoming ones. 'Bout time they release a new free feet item. If only Herbert didn't kidnap the agents, including Gary, Dot, and Rookie.

Rate5Stars.png By Lego97

Awesome, awesome party. I would do my usual pros and cons format, but what everyone has said above has basically summed up my thoughts. I really like how the party lasts for a long time, as they spread out the operations, rather than throwing them all at us in one day.

Rate5Stars.png By Green Ninja

This is the best party of 2012. Nothing can beat it, except for maybe the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, or Marvel Super Hero Takeover.


  • Herbert is a mascot for the first time ever. YIPPEE!
  • There are free items for non-member. Many. Only ONE member-only item.
  • It is about time we have an awesome EPF-themed party. I love the atmosphere and the decorations!
  • It makes the party more long-lasting to have an objective every few days. Reminds me of the Daily Music Challenge from Ultimate Jam. The mission is fun, as well!


  • None. What are you looking at me for?

That is all for today, my first review!

Rate4Stars.png By Cp kid

I admit, this party is pretty awesome. However, there are a few cons in my opinion :P Pros

  • Yeah, Yeah, Herbert being meetable is pretty awesome. Even if it is kinda weird that like 500 agents can't capture him while he's surrounded lol.
  • The free items are epic. I'm surprised and glad that almost all of them are non-member also.
  • The decorations aren't KILLER, but I do like the main rooms like the Town and the Plaza. I also enjoy what Herbert did to the Penguin Stlye catalog and the Costume Trunk :P
  • I liked seeing the violence that CP's showing, with the EPF building up in flames and all that, plus the kidnappings are pretty interesting.
  • This party has enough links that it COULD mean that Card Jitsu Snow or Card Jitsu Shadow might come out soon ;)


  • The party rooms are cool, but 2 things stump me. First, How does Herbert build that giant fortress type place by himself in 1 day? And secondly, how does he get a jungle to just "poof" there...
  • The EPF is really just dead now... I mean it is supposed to be an agency that was so secret that not even PSA agents knew about it? Come on. Now literally EVERYONE on the island is an agent without even knowing it. Plus, people can just walk right into the old EPF HQ :/ I mean CP should come up with another new agency that really IS secret...

That's all I have for ya' today :P

Rate5Stars.png By Yuri102212

E. P. I. C. (change your date to get Part 6 :D)


Rate4Stars.png By Sparkpin2

Great. I don't like how the Director was AA, though. Oh well, I'll get used to it!

Rate4Stars.png By A11766

Wow! Awesome party :D At first I thought this would be too similar to the Underwater Expedition (rooms all over island edited slightly) but then as operations started to progress and more started to happen I was really impressed. Despite this, the party doesn't deserve full marks for several reasons:

  • Beginning challenges too easy
  • I would have liked to see a new character to be the Director
  • I feel that CP were a bit lazy in having multiple challenges in parts of a room

Apart from those small things, I thought everything was great with some awesome touches, and would have given it 4.5 if I could! I wonder what's next for the EPF? It's hardly secret now...

Rate5Stars.png By Imdill3

The mission content is a little short, but that doesn't matter. This is one of the greatest parties Club Penguin has ever had. Pros:

  • Perfect Rewards.
  • Perfect Member/Non-member balance.
  • Perfect Story line.
  • Simply amazing island decoration.
  • Good Music
  • They spread out the party over a week, instead of being able to do everything in a few minutes, which worked perfect for this.
  • I liked the video, I hope someone puts it on the wiki.


  • Oh no! The EPF D:

Rate5Stars.png By Star kirby12

I'm not going to say it's awesome. It's... What's another word for Awesome?

Rate5Stars.png By Dps04

I expected the missions to be a bit more challenging. Other than this, this party is absolutely fabulous (yes, this is another word for awesome, star kirby12 :P)

Rate5Stars.png By SlidurCP

This is definitely the best party I have ever been to.I liked meeting Herbert,seeing that AA is the Director,and all those good stuff.This is AMAZINGLY 10 STARS!!

Rate5Stars.png By Mattgelo

This is a good party! I wish they have us free membership during the party.

Rate5Stars.png By Quackerpingu

Best party of the year! Pros:

  • All!


  • Member-only party items again(Herbert Disguise and a party catalog)