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Medieval Party
Average Rating: 4.6 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 9
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You are on the reviews page for the Medieval Party 2012. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate4Stars.png By Lm34gt45


Decorations: 10 (Truly epic.)

"WOW"factor: 9 (Everything was pretty cool.)

Story (if any): 9.5 (Pretty awesome story. I'm loving how the island changes according to story.)

Live up to hype: 8 (All the battle with Scorn was was a minigame to shoot down orbs. It was phun nonetheless and pretty satisfying after playing it a lot :P)

Lasting freshness: 9.5 (If you're new to this party, be prepared to play a LOT. If you're not, there's some stuff to do too.)

Rate4Stars.png By Chill57181

The party is epic! About time! Even though I really liked it, it DOES have flaws...

  • All players are allowed to play Knight's Quest 1. But there is no reward! (you must be a member to pick them up)
  • Scorn's quest is cheesy
  • Lack of new free items
  • The battle with Scorn is a game

Other than that, the rest is good.

Rate5Stars.png By Feey1

This party is awesome! After all those other parties it felt like CP would never have a good party again, but this is just amazing! I love the Thunder Blade, the new quest, and the new decorations. It's kind of funny how in the Dock everyone is shrunk (I guess that means you become a fairy in the Dock). But I really don't like the new Wizard decorations at the Lighthouse. There's no free wizard hat, and it looks way to modern to be medieval. Other than that this party is epic! I love it because it's the most violent party in CP ever!! Though the Sky Kingdom is a bit odd if you ask me, you can't really do anything there.

Rate5Stars.png By Lego97

Wow, this is epic! Best Medieval Party yet!


+ I really enjoyed the dark tone that was carried throughout.

+ I like the turning into a small penguin feature for the Dock/Fairy Forest.

+ The animation seemed a bit better this time around.

+ I'm glad to see more new decorations.

+ Scorn's fight was pretty cool, but a bit too easy, but I'll let it slide.


- I do think the quest to Scorn's mountain could have been slightly longer.

Otherwise, that's my only concern. Pretty great party! Bring on the rest of 2012! Things are looking better than what we got recently in the past.

Rate4Stars.png By Welcome00

WOOT WOOT!! Finally!! CP is definitely back!! I might have an updated review next week, but for now, here's my review:


  • A cool music. The music actually fits the party.
  • WOOOHOO!! Now non-members can play Ye Knight's Quest 1! (Sadly, the free items are for members CP took a week to fix this but, NOW NON-MEMBERS CAN GET TEH ITEMZ!!)
  • The feature of being tiny at the dock is cool!!
  • Many new decorations are at the western side of the island.


  • Battle of Scorn is too easy. I want something challenging!
  • Not much decorations on the eastern side of the island, all rooms looked pretty much the same.
  • The mirror at Ski Hill IS GONE!!!!

Rate5Stars.png By Error504

Not often do I give a 5, but it looked like Club Penguin actually did work on this party. Compared to last year, they also made some of the older items available for all players, which in my opinion is a good move in order to have non-members interested in the game. The idea of having a dragon attack the island is also superb. The redesign of some of the major rooms also made the party more enjoyable, rather than just the same things repeating every year.

Rate5Stars.png By Cp kid

Wow! CP finally got it right! After all of those other cruddy parties this year. This is the first time they've "blown me away" with a party in years! The only bad things are that there's not really any new free items, other than a cape and a stupid looking helmet. Also it seems odd because the bottom of the lighthouse looks like a giant mushroom, while the beacon still looks like the tower design. But overall, it gets a 5 from me(plus I love that they're starting to get violent)!

Rate5Stars.png By Mario Rk

I was so excited for this party when it was announced back during the April Fools Party! The decorations were awesome! I loved how at first everything is taken over by Scorn, dark looking! Then after you beat him the Bridge doesn't look so dark, the Kingdoms have their own flags back in place! However I would have liked to see Misery Mountain from the Ski Lodge or see it look like a old ruin. I would have also liked to see Kingdom Flags all over the right side of Club Penguin. Dragon King was okay, though I would have liked more challenge. I would say Club Penguin put more effort into this than the last parties.

Rate5Stars.png By Pinky86352

It was awesome! Loved the thunder blade. This party got a little too violent for me, though. It was a little more easy to deafeat the hydras this year. The costumes were great. The quests were really fun this year. But, the mirror at the ski hill is gone! Also, scorns quest was a mini game and could be better. Buts that just my opinion!