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Marvel Superhero Takeover
Average Rating: 3.5 (Good)
Total Reviews: 17
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You are on the reviews page for the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate4Stars.png By Chill57181

I love it! The items, decorations, and music are all great. I also love playing around with those gloves >:D

My only setbacks are that the party seems a tad small, and it's kinda violent (but I don't mind really), and just the fact that I don't watch/read any Marvel stuff. But that doesn't matter because it's not all completely Marvel.

Rate4Stars.png By Lm34gt45

I like it. Better than the Medieval party IMO!

Decorations: 8 (Not many rooms decorated, but the ones that are, are decorated with stupendous detail.)

"WOW"factor: 9.5 (The costumes look good, besides the heavy advertising. The snowball gloves are EPIC, along with the destroy-able items in the rooms!)

Story (if any): 8.5 (Finally some more EPF action.)

Live up to hype: 9 (Most of the hype revolved around the costumes, and they were great, especially the snowball gloves. The bot battle was a little lame though, with a lot of time in the middle of each battle.)

Lasting freshness: 8.5 (Tons of roleplaying, along with the bot battle with huge waiting times, will keep you playing for a lot of time.)

Rate5Stars.png By Lego97

Pretty good, but of course, it was a little overhyped.


+ The snowball gloves' actions are pretty awesome.

+ The room decorations are amazing (surprised they decorated the Stage).

+ The Pizza Parlor as a bank is fun (I guess they know how it gets robbed so

+ Destroying things with the snowball gloves is pretty fun.

+ The costumes are amazing! Glad to see non-members can buy some.


- The Destructobot battle is a bit cheap, but maybe the'll add more to it in the future.

Rate5Stars.png By Welcome00

OH EMM GEEEE!! The best party so far! But, not all parties are perfect. Check these pros and cons:


  • For the first time in a non-member life, finally they had the chance to buy clothings from the gift shop! (+20)
  • The decorations are cool. I don't actually like it. I. LOVE. IT. (+30)
  • The lairs are actually great and well decorated. (+20)
  • The rooms in Plaza (except you, PET SHOP!!) are the ones I'd like to praise. With the stage is now a police station and the pizza parlor is a bank, it's AWESUM! (+30)

Cons (there are actually some):

  • Most of the decorations are only on the southern side of island, which didn't satisfy me much. (-5)
  • The coolest part of the party (fighting the bot, of course!) is only for members. (-10)


  • Eventhough there might be some cons, but that won't affect the party much. The overall mark is 85/100 (which means 5 stars!)

Rate3Stars.png By ShrimpPin

Good, but this isn't MY type of party. I love the decorations and such, but I like parties where there are different puzzles for you to solve and tasks for you to complete (besides throwing snowballs. Lame.).

Rate5Stars.png By Djf1107


Rate4Stars.png By Feey1

'AWESOME! Though I wish the battle with the Destructobot didn't take so long to wait for, and that more rooms were decorated. Also the storyline doesn't make much sense. The meteor plays a little role in the story (I think it should have a bigger role), and how on earth did Marvel costumes get to Club Penguin? Basically the ads were complete lies, I though Loki would play a big role. For that I give it four stars.

Rate3Stars.png By NickelbackFan37

The party was okay. I really like the Iron Man costume, and I like how CP is transformed into a city. I really like the gloves too. But I probably need to look through more of this party. 3 stars.

Rate4Stars.png By Error504

A few words: pretty darn good for something like this being held for the first time. The items were nice, and the event was non-member friendly overall. One thing though - it's not an original idea, being based off of Marvel's The Avengers. Apart from that, the room designs, and pretty much everything else, was well done.

Rate1Star.png By Sharkbate

No no no no no! This is not a Club Penguin party! It's nothing but a partnership between Club Penguin and Marvel to make more money! They should not be making parties like this, but instead going back to the classic and creative parties from the 2005-2008 time period! This party is nothing but a knock off of "The Avengers" movie. They could have easily replaced this with a 2012 Water Party, which probably would have been 10x better. I know I don't play Club Penguin anymore, but I would definately log on for another Water Party. The worst part is, the main piece of the party is members only. The Water Party would be fun for everyone! However, I will say that the artwork is great, but that's all I can enjoy about this party. This should not be getting the good reviews that it's getting. Come on, Club Penguin!

Rate2Stars.png By Hat Pop

Agreed with Shark. I gotta say, the room designs impressed me (it's just a shame the whole island wasn't decorated) and I'm quite pleased to see non-members can actually purchase items (although they can't really do much else, a bummer), but Club Penguin isn't coming up with its creative ideas anymore. With this and the next party, Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, I feel it's just become another Disney franchise that they use to advertise their media. Sigh.

Rate4Stars.png By A7XRev

This is just amazing! Pros:

  • The artwork for the party is incredible!
  • The Superhero Base and Super Villian Liar are really cool.
  • The Police Station. The first time a party has happend and the Stage didn't have a play.
  • The Avengers costumes! Do I really have to say more?


  • Once again...The Pet Shop isn't decorated!
  • No Agent Colson costume.
  • The Robot battle is way too simple. C'mon CP give us a challenge!

This party is good but it could be better.

Rate3Stars.png By PenblooeR

I wouldn't give this party a 5, but I wouldn't give it a 1 either. It lacks "Club Penguin", the story is too nonsense. A meteor falls and then penguin versions of Marvel characters appear out of nowhere? Just like HatPop said, it feels like they are just advertising their media. But it also has good points. Everything is brand-new, the clothes, the decorations. The room designs were awesome, and non-members can finally buy something that isn't a background or a flag.

Rate4Stars.png By Dps04

The decorations of this party is undoubtedly nice. I also like the fact that non-members are able to purchase items from Gift Shop. The party would have been better if non-members get the chance of being a super hero or super villain.

Rate4Stars.png By Yuri102212


+The lairs are awesome!

+WOAH, what happened to the Stage? It's decorated TOO FAR, yay!

+Dog boy, everyone can buy the police and robber costumes!

+Cool decorations. I wish the decorations stayed, the original ones look like meh.

+The prison in the bank is NOT A PRISON at all! It's a bank teller window! You fell for it! Ha!


-NO Marvel Costumes for me. >:'(

-Just saying, like Sharkbate said, Disney just like more money.


-No Downtown Showdown for non-members. Poor no membership penguins. Aw.

Rate3Stars.png By Cooligan2

I thought it was really quite good, although there were some flaws.

Good Stuff:

-Costumes Were Awsome

-A Lot Of Work Went Into Decorations

-Exploding Stuff With Super Gloves!

-Non-Members Get To Buy Some Stuff Too!


-For Beating The Destructobot at the Downtown Showdown you get no prize.

-Everythings So Expensive. One Item Was Even 3000 COINS!


The party was good, but still had flaws. So that's how the Marvel Super Hero Takeover got to 3 stars.

Rate2Stars.png By A11766

At first I was like - wow, but then it began to get boring. No reward for defeating destructobot, the costumes were really expensive, and the disney promotion which I hate. I give it 2 for originality, and design, but I did also think there would be more rooms decorated.