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Holiday2012Logo.png Holiday Party
Average Rating: 3.5 (Good)
Total Reviews: 12
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You are on the reviews page for the Holiday Party 2012. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR! First, you get to transform for COINS FOR CHANGE! It is also a Non Members first time TRANSFORMING. The decorations are fresh and amazing, and the party is very interactive. The Advent Calendar was unexpected this year as well, so that was a nice surprise. Also, there are TWO party catalogs, one which has items for NON MEMBERS AS WELL!

Rate2Stars.png By Sharkbate

Really? No thanks, Club Penguin. I'm sorry, but this isn't a good way to end the year. Maybe this is my old penguin instinct kicking in, but this doesn't seem like a Club Penguin party. Here are my reasons. The main one is transforming. Club Penguin is going transform-crazy by the looks of it. Think about it. The game is called "Club Penguin", not "Club Racecar", "Club FrostBite, or "Club Reindeer Puffle", so why are penguins able to become cars? Road racers! Come on, now! A supposed "holiday" party, filled with Frost Creatures and racecar penguins!

Another reason is the abandoned rooms. The underground rooms are rarely decorated now. They're just left alone. Even the Night Club isn't decorated this year! It's the end of the year, Club Penguin. Why not end it with a bang? You should have decorated every room. This year, it kind of looks like you didn't take the time to fully think out the parties to full extent. You seem to be sort of rushing. Obviously not rushing with the artwork, but with the initial ideas.

Look at the Dock. It's overly decorated and honestly, it's not holiday themed. It's just a room covered in ice with dark music (also a problem) and a member catalog. Tone it down a bit. BUT, I give it one star because I love the way the Dojo Courtyard is decorated. It's truly themed for the holidays. Plus, I like that Coins for Change returned, but I liked it better when penguins were actually donating out of the bottoms of their hearts, not 'donating' to get a magical cookie to transform them.

So, there's my review. Probably a bit harsh, but think about it. These are true. This would have been so much better if all the rooms were decorated or if they incorporated some decorations and ideas from maybe the 2006 or 2008 Christmas parties (which were the best in my opinion).


EDIT: I realized I was being way too harsh and letting the goodness of the past cloud my judgement. After looking around some more I see that this party isn't so bad. No, it's not better than the past parties (not a chance), but they tried. I still find the transformations ridiculous, but I guess they provide kids with something new and exciting. If it was permanent, then I'd be very mad, because it would completely throw away the fact that it's Club Penguin, not Club Car or Frostbite. Good try, Club Penguin. I boosted my rating from 1 star to 3 stars.

EDIT 2: Bumping my rating down to 2 stars. I didn't realize how lazy they were. Turns out these are basically the same decorations from last year.

Rate3Stars.png By Snowstormer

It was pretty good. But really, CP held a LATE Holiday Party, and didn't come up with tons of ideas? I mean, if they would've already started it on like the 13th or something, I would've got it, but they started it on the 20th, which is pretty late.

Now for the transformations.

The transformations aren't bad, BUT, they're like forcing you to donate 100 of your coins, just to be transformed. And all of the transformations cost the same, even though the member transformations can OBVIOUSLY do more.

Some stuff is recycled, which isn't too bad imo.

Members get too much, obviously. Even though, it surprised me that non-members can actually do so much in this party. I mean like, there are 2 new catalogs, non-members can only get stuff from one, and only stuff that's not really intresting either.

Now to go on with the rooms.

Lot of rooms are overdecorated, while others are not decorated at all. I mean, where's the lighthouse, the underground (which weren't decorated last 3 years either, but oh well), and, most importantly, the Night Club & Lounge!!! The Night Club has been decorated for every Christmas/Holiday party there has been, and the Lounge has been an awesome workshop ever since 2008. Also, when looking at the 2008 files, the underground is like super epic, icy, gingerbready. This Holiday Party kinda takes the Holiday out of the Party (wow, that's confusing). Also, I liked the old bakery much more than the new one. The Dock is too dark. The Beach isn't very Christmas-y, and, the lodge attic has disappeared. I mean, if you look at the lodge in the Ski Village, you can see that the attic should still be there, but it's not. O_O Also, I don't see a ladder going up anywhere to the sleigh ride thing there which is also O_O.

Now, the CFC calculator is new and it's... not working. I mean, it showed like all 30% to me yesterday morning (my time), which makes... 90%... And yesterday evening (my time), it was like 41%, 30%, 30%, which makes... 101%... Which is... weird... So yea, I doubt if it even calculates -.-

As a conclusion, I gotta agree with Shark at a lot of places, while I don't think it was that bad. Yes. I only brought up the bad sides here... The good sides were... Everything I didn't mention here. :)

Rate4Stars.png By Chill57181

It's okay I suppose. It could've been better, especially for a Holiday Party.


  • Cool transformations
  • Lots of new items (and a lot of non-head items for non-members to get)
  • Double the advent calendar items every day!
  • Cool decorations
  • Rockhopper and a new background
  • Sensei is good at decorating for an old man... Hehe.


  • It started way too late in my opinion
  • Several rooms are barren, especially the major rooms like the Night Club.
  • It just feels... meh. It seems kinda bland and that something's missing...

Rate4Stars.png By LordMaster96

Not bad actually. The new features are worth a try, but what I'd like to consider is that these holiday parties don't really seem too traditional anymore. It's kinda becoming one of those "action movie" by adding Frost Bite into the picture. Also, 100 coins for 10 minutes of transformations isn't really doing anything except to encourage penguins to donate more coins. When you look at it, donating more coins does not equal Club Penguin donating more to charities. I also dislike how Club Penguin did not decorate the underground cave and the lighthouse.

Rate3Stars.png By IanBoy142

This party isnt that bad, i like how they do a bakery action to get coins for Coins For Change.


  • Turn into a car, Reindeer Puffle or Frost Bite.
  • New rooms.
  • Open 2 gifts everyday!
  • The map got decorated with lights and its dark.
  • New Coins For Change logo.
  • Hello Rockhopper!


  • Old rooms with new decorations, meh...
  • The Bakery idea looks a bit odd.
  • Rockhopper returned, but he returned on Club Penguin like 10 times.
  • I have the You need more coins glitch when you buy a cookie on the Cookie Shop. I dont get turned into a Reindeer Puffle, Toy Car or Frost Bite... i still look like a penguin and i lost my coins.
  • Very looks like the party from 2011.

I wanted to give this party a 4, but i didnt really like it.

Rate3Stars.png By Jmsptrhll

okay but i think last year was better.

Rate3Stars.png By A11766

This party gave me lots of mixed emotions. I don't think it was the best party this year, and the pros and cons by everyone else I pretty much agree with. The Lighthouse and EVEN the Dance Club weren't decorated!?!? They are some major rooms missed out, but then again the rooms with new decorations (Ski Lodge) were great. The changing into different things was good too but I feel that Club Penguin are going slightly over board with that, if a similar feature is available at nearly every party it won't be fun.

Also as a side note to my review: There's been lots of arguments and discussion that Old Club Penguin was better, others saying art is better now. I think what it comes down to is that a few years ago, parties felt good (even if they perhaps weren't looking back) because they excelled what people thought could be done, and what was expected. Despite the standard possibly being better now, not as many parties reach our expectations.

Rate4Stars.png By Dps04

Not exactly a bad party. At least Club Penguin would add something new to the party instead of recycling all the rooms last year or the years before. Transformation is not bad in a way that it encourages more penguins to donate to the event, and I am excited at the fact that non-members finally can transform (This is the first time my penguin transformed since I missed CPIP :() Anyway, as mentioned before, I guess some rooms like the Night Club, Lighthouse and Underground should not be left out, so for the time being, I am giving it a 4.

Rate4Stars.png By Dill2

This party had a decent mix between the classic content and new features. However, I think there was a lot of re-used decorations that could have been reworked. I think they released just enough items for non-members. Anyways, I was satisfied with this party, but it wasn't the best.

Rate4Stars.png By Lego97

I know this review is late, but I was too lazy to post it until now.

Anyways, I'm not going to go into much detail with this one. It wasn't a terrible party, but it was dull and bland at points, which prevents it from getting a 5. Still, I liked the whole transformation choices and the decorations whole. Not the best of 2012's parties, but not the worst.

Rate4Stars.png By A7XRev

Best way to end the year! Pros:

  • It was a good party that didn't get turned into a sponsored party. (That's a plus, right?)
  • YAY! Rockhopper came back for a party that he was supposed to attend. *cough The Fair cough*.
  • The holiday sky. I love it every year when it comes by.
  • Am I the only one that likes old decorations? The decorations weren't that different from last year which I enjoyed.
  • The Advent Calendar is something I like. Nothing compared to last year's advent calendar but it was better than nothing.
  • The wee.


  • The magical cookies. Don't get me wrong transforming is cool but this is different. You HAVE to donate to transform! Coins for Change should stay as something people donate to from the bottom of their hearts not something where you donate to transform!
  • A race car transformation...really?!
  • Dance Club, Dance Lounge, Lighthouse and the Underground rooms were dead.
  • The time the party started. Last year it started on December 14th, which works. But this year it began on the 20th! If it ended on the 27th that would've made sense but instead there was a WHOLE week of Christmas that isn't there!

Aside from the cons this was the best way to end the year. I hope CP won't start sucking in January again, I've seen previews and puke snowballs?!...I just...*mindblown* It could be rocks, tree trunks, even other dinosaur bones! But NO we want to make pukeballs for the

Aaaaaand back to happy mode. Hi.