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Halloween Party
Average Rating: 4.4 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 17
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You are on the reviews page for the Halloween Party 2012. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate4Stars.png By Cooligan2

Really good! But the worst part: almost everything was recycled.


- Loads of Non-Member items!

- Transforming into a ghost!

- Haunted Mansion is epic

- Brang back memeries when I first joined Club Penguin and went to the Halloween Party 2011.


- Got rid of the old mansion

- Got rid of evil lab

- Got rid of monster room

- Got rid of Coffee Shop decorations

(They got rid of a lot of stuff)

Eather way CP did a good job for a party I ALWAYS look forward to

Rate5Stars.png By Chill57181

This is just awesome! It could be the best Halloween Party yet, I don't know. Maybe. Even though a lot of content is recycled, it was good in 2011, so why can't it be good now?


  • Nearly every room is decorated (the storm counts as a decoration) except the obvious ones like the underground (except Cave), the Phoning Facility, Command Room, VR Room, and Water Dojo.
  • A lot of stuff for non-members.
  • The Haunted Mansion is cool!
  • I like transforming into a ghost.


  • Secret Lab and Dark Chamber are absent... :(
  • Ghost hunters can't catch penguins that have turned into ghosts. Why? The commercial showed them doing that. Is it false advertising, or a bug? :/
  • I didn't see any of the time travel stuff Gary talked about in the files... Am I missing something? Is this fake? Is it not even for Halloween? What's going on here? :/

Rate1Star.png By RainbowDash

Lazy, it started too early, and not good enough at all to satisfy me. Most likely 2012's worst party, among with the Adventure Party 2012. Pros:

- In the party catalog, there are 2 items for non-members, a nice gift from Disney to the non-members. BUT REMEMBER. ONLY 2 ITEMS! And that's just one of the very few minor good things i can say about this party.

- There's nothing else that i can call good on this party, no offense.


- Nearly all the rooms and music are reused from last year, and the year before that one. What did i say? ALL MUSIC AND ROOMS ARE REUSED FROM 2010 AND 2011! (except the party rooms and the music inside them). If the music and rooms were'nt reused, i'd probably rate this party at least 3 or 4 stars, honestly.

- Hey Disney, ain't it a bit too early for halloween?? I mean, this years party starts like on 18th october, while last year it started 2 days later. Halloween is on october 31th, Disney. I REPEAT, HALLOWEEN IS ON OCTOBER 31TH!!

- The scavenger hunt sucks, it really SUCKS. First of all, the 'clues' are WAAAY to obvious, and if you're still such an idiot (or just too lazy) you can't find the keys anyways, you can simply get the keys by clicking the key outlines, WHICH WILL TAKE YOU TO THE LOCATION THE KEY IS FOUND IN. This isn't a scavenger hunt.. this isn't even a hunt, because you don't even need to look for the keys.

- The barely scary ghosts, which spawn TOO often and make annoying noises almost every 30 seconds cause alot of lag, which is especially annoying in Party Rooms.

- During this party i had an extremely annoying bug, which disabled me from getting into the room where you can turn into a ghost. No, that is not because i am not a member. There was also a server time-out at some point too.

Rate5Stars.png By Reeze

Best party of the year. Possibly best Halloween Party ever! To those complaining about many rooms being recycled: how many rooms did they add?! At least ten. The haunted house is like a maze. There are so many hidden doors! What more could you ask for? I love the ghost hunting feature.


  • Come on, guys. Three items for non-members is great. Especially because two of them have awesome abilities we've never seen before.
  • The haunted house is great. The twists, turns, and secret rooms are really more than I could have asked for. I think Disney finally learned what the word "creepy" means.
  • Who doesn't love ghost-busting? Everyone can do it, and you get paid!" To throw snowballs! How cool is that?
  • Stop complaining about the music. Don't you think Disney was busy enough making all of this? I love the music and don't care how many times they reuse it.
  • The costumes are sweet! I'm not a member anymore, but I'd love to get all of the new outfits.
  • Members can turn into ghosts! As I stated before, I'm not a member- but is not being able to turn into a ghost really make the party that lame? No.
  • There's a new mascot! The mystery was very creative.


  • Zip.

Rate5Stars.png By 6title78

BEST PARTY OF 2012. Well, to start off, most of the rooms and music was recycled from last year (as most people said above me...), but I didn't mind. Secondly, turning into a GHOST? Oh yeah - that was GREAT! :D Especially hunting for ghosts. :) I loved every single bit of this party - it has TOTALLY earned a 5 star rating in my book! :D


  • Turning into a ghost - WICKED COOL!
  • Hunting for ghosts - It's fine, I like it though
  • Haunted mansion (YES. IT IS EPIC! :D)
  • Everything else :D


  • None. :D

Overall? I love the Halloween Party. :) Oh, time for me to turn into a ghost again! :D

Rate5Stars.png By A11766

Yay! Club Penguin FINALLY got it right this year! Pros

  • The new Haunted House - AMAZING! I love the fact there are different levels in rooms, hidden passageways etc, it makes it great fun
  • Although I found the keys quickly I'm going to have fun using my ghost powers
  • New Items are nice
  • The Spook a room feature is a good idea and will keep me occupied


  • Most rooms recycled - disappointing but the Haunted House makes up for it. It also isn't as if the recycled rooms are rubbish, they are really good!

Conclusion This is a great party, probably the best/joint best with the Puffle Party. Why these two? They are similar in what you can do, but those things are what I love! Turning into something different, okay not all rooms are new but the ones that are, definitely are great. Hopefully the November party is just as good!

Rate3Stars.png By IanBoy141

I pretty liked the party, there were new rooms for a mansion. And i liked the indoors music for the new room.

  • There was some new rooms for a mansion, there were some cool decorations, and when i looked at the Telescope, that Bat Puffle appeared, i scared a bit but that was the only thing that scared me at the party.
  • Finally, no head items for Non-member's!
  • Gary returned.
  • Gary had a random grandpa.
  • There was a scavenger hunt where you need to find the keys.
  • Turn into a ghost and haunt the island.
  • Only member's can be a ghost, that annoys the fun.
  • Non-member's only get three items, one has been returned, and two were new for the party.
  • Old music for the outdoor rooms, like the Snow Forts.
  • Only a few rooms in the mansion, the Beach, the Snow Forts, the Forest, and the Cove only had their big ghosts function.
  • Theres nothing scary about this party!

This was better then that Temple Of Fruit party.

Rate5Stars.png By Dps04

Glad they replaced the Haunted House with the much larger, much more spacious and creepier Haunted Mansion. And the Ghost transformation idea is cool too.

Rate5Stars.png By Ronnp09CP

Oh this is the best Halloween Party I've ever seen! Tons of new stuff! STUFF.. not decorations


- The New Haunted Mansion! (Great Uncle Gariwald's Mansion)

- For once! 2 access' for non members and 2 access' for members!

- Gary never missed to visit the Halloween Party!

- Night of the Living Sled!!!!!!

- Full Moon is back

- Non-members can buy 2 items! 1 is free and 1 is.. um needs coins


- Gariwald is dead... He's a ghost. I thought he was alive that we could also meet Gariwald VIII with Gary..

Rate5Stars.png By Yuri102212

I am afraid to say this... BECAUSE I'M CAUGHT BY SOMEONE! Pros:

  • Recycling is good RainbowDash, you just want new things. Kinks, jinks, squid inks, it's much more than that.
  • Nice rooms (especially the Snow Forts and the wacky Litehouse)
  • It's a shame how to see the Coffee Shop empty- MY FAVORITE PART! Anyone can't be fooled with just a MOVIE! (will be edited on October 24)
  • OK, but to stop this outline being long, EVERYTHING, I like everything.

Cons: NONE

Rate4Stars.png By Imdill3

I really enjoyed the party this year. Pros:

  • Good story line.
  • I loved the mansion.
  • (I think) they got 100% of the island dressed up.
  • Nice catalog selection!


  • I will miss the old Mansion :( Maybe they could have put it in the forest instead of removing it.
  • I think the scavenger hunt was too easy, even for those of a very young age.
  • I wish there was more content, but as this is ClubPenguin, we can't expect any more than this.

Rate5Stars.png By ClubPenguinMaster

This is one of the best parties this year. It takes a new twist on the Halloween Party but also has some of the original Halloween Party elements.

  • Storyline: This party actually has a somewhat smooth storyline. Many other parties that CP created don't have much of a background, however, they incorporated an interesting story about Gary's great uncle, which I find interesting.
  • Items: There are new items and not just re-colors. It's more creative and these costumes actually gives that a sense of ghosts during Halloween rather the "trick-or-treat" costumes.
  • Rooms: I don't know why people are complaining about not getting new decorations in rooms. First of all, you have a new batch of party rooms Gariwald VIII's mansion. Second of all, CP has created a lot of new room designs in the past new parties (i.g. Marvel Superhero Takeover, Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, and to top it off, new redesigns of the Coffee Shop, the Book Room, and soon-to-be Gift Shop.
  • Activities: This is the only part I find bland but the rest makes up for this. The interesting part is that you can catch ghosts and get coins for it, allowing some coin grinding. It's also interesting to change into a ghost and have to do use the ghost dance to get items. The uninteresting part is the scavenger hunt. This is the easiest scavenger hunt in the world. If they didn't include the warping by clicking on the keys, it would be more challenging because the mansion is actually somewhat confusing (at least to me).

Rate5Stars.png By Lego97

Finally, CP is making good parties again! This was truly amazing.


+ The new haunted mansion is awesome, I love all the secret passages and twists and turns. It can be confusing, but that is why I like it - it makes a challenge.

+ Like many have said, the story with Gariwald is interesting.

+ Yes, they did recycle rooms, but I liked the decorations from last year, so it didn't bother me. And everyone complains the parties are the same every year, so getting rid of the Dark Chamber and old Haunted House didn't bother me, either.

+ The items are great too.

+ The ghost function is awesome, and I love the dance your ghost penguin does.

+ Hunting ghosts is fun, and an easy way to get coins.

+ At least non-members can explore some of the mansion.


- The only con I have is that like some have said, the key hunt was a little too easy, but I'm not going to let that lower the score.

Rate4Stars.png By LordMaster96

The party was very good, one of the best this year alongside the Puffle Party I would say. My favourite feature at this party was the new ghost lab and the inclusion of Gariwald VIII. At the same time they kept some of the rooms from last year. I would've loved it if Club Penguin could bring back the Monster Maker Room rather than the play Night of the Living Sled: Live.

Rate5Stars.png By Mario Rk

This party was awesome. Although it would have been nice to have the dark cavern again this year I still love this party.

Rate4Stars.png By Quackerpingu

Good, but the ghost lab catalog was marked as a catalog for everyone but there was only two non-member items, other was member-only

Rate4Stars.png By 1998drpepper

This was an amazing party :)

Pros: - The Haunted Mansion

- Transforming into a ghost

- Meeting Gary

- Non- members can get items and enter the maze

-The Music lol ;)

Cons: - The removed the Candy Scavenger Hunt

- They could have moved the Dark Swamp Maze to another room

- Some rooms were not decorated as good like the Coffee Shop

- Cadence never came lol and the Penguin Band