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Fashion Show
Average Rating: 1.7 (Rotten)
Total Reviews: 13
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Rate2Stars.png By LordMaster96

Just like the Underwater Expedition, the ads make this party look exciting. To have this event more "fun", you would need to go on a populated server. Although this party is open for all players, getting into the Gift Shop on a populated server is hard for non-members, as this party only takes place in one room, meaning the room is full at times. Technically, it is quite simple and would be boring after a couple of minutes, the only real way to make it less boring is if you take time to look for Cadence. 2/5 stars for me.

Rate2Stars.png By Wwe Vs Wwf

This event was not that bad because they did some work on it but CP needs to do more work. For example they should add a sign in the snow forts and dock saying FASHION PARTY WEAR YOUR STYLES! They should decorate the town like the 3rd anniversary with the floor being all colourful lights and the coffee shop says TAKE A BREAK OR GET READY TO SHOW OFF YOUR STYLES then at the night club the dance floor should be cool penguins changeing like the member party 2009. Also they should add an item called the cool hat or something like that in the night club that's all.

Rate1Star.png By Welcome00

What the??? Worst party ever in my CP experience. I mean like 1 room only?? Seriously? I had to go on the least populated server to get into the Gift Shop, because its full on the populated servers. Again like Underwater Expedition, the sneak peek look much more better but the result is this: 1 star.

Rate1Star.png By Mixer2301

This party may have one room decorated, but the music was good. Again, the ads were good but the party was worst. Also all penguins waited for this party from January 31st, because it was scheduled to release on Feb 1. Also, members had the most fun in this party, and non members were left out. So I vote 1 out of 5 star.

Rate2Stars.png By PenblooeR

I wouldn't expect much of the Feshion Show anyway, as it isn't even a party, just an event. But really, 1 room decorated and no free items? What year are we in? 2006?

Rate1Star.png By Lego97

Wow, this is by far the worst "party" I've seen in Club Penguin history. I'm pretty much going to pick this apart one by one.


-I get it's supposed to be more of an event than a party, but there's hardly anything to do.

-No free items (except for Cadence's BG). There should have at least been one free item or two for non-members to use (I'll get to that later).

-Barely any rooms decorated! Why not the Town? Why didn't they oh...I don't know, decorate the outside of the Gift Shop? To PROMOTE it? Penguins will barely even know the Fashion Show is going on if they ignore the homepage and newspaper!

-There's really no point of the whole catwalk if you don't get anything for winning. Why should I bother participating if I don't get anything in return?

-Where's the CREATIVITY? Where's the CRAFT? It just seemed like a last-minute job. You walk down the catwalk and that's it. The rest you really just use your imagination with the judge chairs. Why not have some scoring system, or even a small mini-game?

-Why just ONE room for the Gift Shop? Why not use the upstairs of the Gift Shop? It would have been a perfect reason to bring them in-game! They just skipped out on the chance..

-Non-Members can participate, yes, but what can they dress up as? Most of the styles are in the catalog, for members. Yes, I know this sounds cliche, as this is always brought up. But it doesn't make my argument any less valid.


-Hard to believe there is a pro....the only pro is I like that you can change the stage colors on the remote thing, and the fact the Gift Shop got a huge decoration for once. Otherwise...that's it.

Overall, a very forgettable event. CP had so much potential with this idea, but they wasted it.

Rate1Star.png By ShrimpPin

Either I'm getting grumpier or CP's parties are getting worse. Technically this is an event, but seriously. My sister's dead gerbil could come up with a better idea.

Rate2Stars.png By Lm34gt45

OBviously, it is just an event, so... meh. I like the catalog though.

Rate3Stars.png By 1998drpepper

I like this event but I didnt like that there was not any free items I also thought the should have decorated the gift shop In the town but its still awesome

Rate2Stars.png By Chill57181

Really CP? REALLY?!? I wasn't looking forward to this in the first place, but it's WORSE then I expected! The only good part was the catalog and Cadence! And like some other users said, non-members can participate, but what do they get to wear? Boring (and usually extremely stupid) head items that they give out in a box, or the WAY overused UK Hoodie or Green Crosshatched Hoodie, or unlocked Game Day items? Man, CP... You didn't think this one through... And I agree with the great LM96, the sneak peeks made it look exciting. And why didn't they decorate the outside of the Gift Shop? Even just a flashing sign saying "FASHION SHOW" and a neon arrow pointing at the door would be nice... Although, what do you expect when it's not an official event? I'm glad this wasn't the REAL party.

Rate3Stars.png By Brookelas

Many users didn't like this party! I am in the middle! Personally, I actually found it fun. I am usually not TOO harsh on parties, and it might be true, but there are a few things we need to take into consideration. First of all, CP never does back to back parties, or at least they rarely do (Anniversary and Halloween?), and they made them NEW parties as well. It isn't like a Fiesta and a Penguin Play Awards either. And it isn't like this is the MAIN party, we all know that the Rockhopper's Quest (which could turn into a Pirate Party) is coming this month too. So, at least it IS something, it could even be an excuse just to make Cadence come. For that, I rate it 3/5.

Rate1Star.png By Cylly1512

What the? What the? What the? Oh My God, this party sucks! Like seriously, nothing to do... At least my sister likes the party! :)

Rate1Star.png By Mariocrossing1

Ugh! Worst CP event EVER! What was I supposed to wear? My UK Hoodie? I agree with Chill. The only good part was Cadence. However, I already have her background.