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Earth Day
Average Rating: 2.1 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 15
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You are on the reviews page for the Earth Day 2012. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate2Stars.png By Chill57181

Wow. Just wow. This is what I expected from CP, considering their parties this year plus last year's Earth Day stunk.

It's a three-room party (Town, Snow Forts, and Plaza) just like the April Fools Party. Is that where ALL the parties are going to take place? Is May's party, the coolest party ever, Medieval, gonna been turned into a three-room festival with some quests? (No, because we saw designers working on the Cove in a sneak peek video, thank goodness)

It's like most of the parties this year - I don't like them because of how small the content is, but the little content there is I like. Same goes for this party.

The new costumes were cool. (Snow Leopard is still my favorite though!)

Rate2Stars.png By Pozazzle

CP Seems to be getting lazy. The puffle party this year was Fantastic But this and the others (Besides Underwater Expedition Rockhopper Party) Terrible! Just Terrible! The fashion show the Most disappointing April fools party ever (Because barely anything changed) Earth day 2010 Was better than this in my opinion

Pros=New costumes. Rockhopper and Lion <333 Meeting Aunt Arctic. Main room was OK. Cons=Nearly everything Got boring fast!

Rate2Stars.png By Dps04

What! Only Snow Forts is well decorated in this party. The other rooms are either not decorated or barely decorated. I like the new item released though, and it is also a nice idea to put Aunt Arctic as a mascot. I sincerely hope she will have a new BG for the party!

Rate3Stars.png By Feey1

The Snow Forts look cool, and the new animal costumes rock! But there's no scavenger hunt, or even a party room. There's not much to do than just hang out with friends in animal colonies. At least all these lame parties will make the Medieval Party look like a miracle (I hope)!

Rate2Stars.png By Lego97

Oh Club Penguin, when will you learn..


-Once again, barely any rooms decorated.

-Nothing else really special to it.

-The Snow Forts is nice, but it seems a bit crowded and cluttered.

-It just felt..lacking. The video made it seem like there were more rooms, but there weren't.


+I do like the artwork in the Snow Forts.

+Glad to be able to meet Aunt Arctic again.

+The animal costumes.

Otherwise, this is once again, another meh party. CP needs to get their act together soon, as they are just going downhill.

(Off-Topic: Shouldn't the April Fools reviews be locked off?)

Rate1Star.png By Lm34gt45

Pathetic. Couldn't CP take a little bit of pain to color buildings green???

Decorations: 4 (Little rooms decorated. Snow Forts is nice tho)

WOW factor: 2 (One room that is good artwork. Only if someone notices the pains taken...)

Story (if any): None, so no rating.

Live up to hype: 3 (Not much hype again :P But it STILL couldn't live up to a month's anxiousness)

Lasting freshness: 3 (Not much to do besides roleplay in a cramped up space, and finding AA. But then again, so many ppl have met AA already)

Rate4Stars.png By Mario Rk

I'm starting to slowly learn to like Club Penguin's newer parties. It is nice to see a lot of role play yet again. Although I feel as if they brought back the Frog Forest and the Desert (looking) Dock back. That would have made me happier. But atleast Club Penguin tries. Too bad every party now is more of a event. I wish we could have costumes of every animal we support but hey, CP tries. Now I see all these complains, now think about it, they could probably do better than ALL of you. YOU GUYS trying thinking of a party. YOU GUYS trying DRAWING then ANIMATING Party. I don't understand why people hate it so much. Club Penguin works hard and you better respect that. If you don't stop playing.

Rate1Star.png By Mariocrossing1

What the heck CP? I didn't go on CP and the party looks TERRIBLE! There were few rooms that were decorated. And the free item... I can't talk right now! Club Penguin is getting retard. I expect a better party! Geez. This is LAME!

Rate1Star.png By Crazyp01

Stupidest party ever. 1 room decorated. Too crowded, though. One free item. 4 costumes for members. That's it!

Rate2Stars.png By Welcome00

NO! NO, NO, NO, NO!! JUST NOO!! What the?? Is it me or Club Penguin is becoming lazier than ever? Urgh, if the Medieval Party fails me, I'm gonna e-mail CP what happened. Anyways, here's my opinion:


  • New costumes are cool, and my fav is the rockhopper one. (Not to be confused with Rockhopper.)
  • The design of the room is great, It's like a jungle!
  • Aunt Arctic is confirmed, hoping to meet her soon.


  • No target at the Snow Forts Clock!!! AAAH!!
  • Can't believe the background you get for meeting Aunt Arctic is the OLD ONE!!!
  • 3 rooms? 3 ROOMS!!! ARGHH!!!
  • Unfairness between non-member and members, members have 5 itmes to buy while non-members, 1 free, head item.
  • Room is always crowded, just like the Fashion Show.
  • There's lots of cons here, just like almost everyone is saying up there.

Rate3Stars.png By Cnpenguin

I still like Club Penguin despite the parties. But most parties are kind of the following:duh! A small party. Perfect(sarcasm). I wish I signed up earlier, because there are pro and cons. Pros

  • New animal costumes, well, some people could have thought too negative and thought that last year's costumes would be the only ones.
  • Beautiful Snow Forts, three colonies, nuff said.
  • Aunt Arctic is meet-able, and Rockhopper is coming soon, plus they honered him with a costume.


  • Uh, there's something wrong, how about three rooms? At least this will be the final "meh" party.
  • Rockhopper is not here, unlike last year, even thought he IS coming.
  • The costumes are more expensive than last year(I joined CP in July of 2011, but I saw something on

Google Images with a 95 coin price for the Snow Leopard and Painted Dog costumes!). Fortunately, parties from May and onward are always good not matter WHAT, so users, say goodbye to bad parties.

Rate2Stars.png By LordMaster96

This party has somewhat improved when you look back to its first one, but it isn't a lot better. The free item is located in a room called the "Town" which is not even the party centre. And only one room is decorated this time? At least it's well designed, and the new costumes do help make this party a little better. But then again, I would consider Earth Day to be one of the least successful parties. The low-rating is probably expected by many people who have been to previous CP Earth Day events.

Rate1Star.png By Broseph16

One of the worst parties ever. But I knew it was gonna be horrible. How? Oh yeah. Every Earth Day event is boring! They could've taken the time to bring back some of the old party rooms. It's not that much work. All they would have to do is look through their files and use them! Also, the AA idea is a ripoff. What happened to Rockhopper? And, finding Aunt Arctic with only 1 room decorated says a lot right there: It'll always be full! And again, just a lousy head item for non-members. Classic.

Rate3Stars.png By A7XRev

Ok CP what's going on here? Usually April has big parties but not this year. Pros:

  • The Snow Forts is Incredible! Probably the best decorations for the Snow Forts since the Card-Jitsu Party.
  • The new Rockhopper penguin and Lion costumes for the party but like usual the orginals are the best.


  • The new safari helmet...
  • Nothing much to do. I kinda wish that were was a new party room with a free Explorer Outfit for members.
  • I was really bummed out how Rockhopper didn't appear this year I was looking foward to seeing him at the party.
  • Instead of cramming it all in one room why not keep the Dock and the Snow Forts from last year? And maybe add a room for the Lion and Rockhopper Penguin?

This party had some fun stuff but overall it was kinda lame. At least the Medieval Party won't be in the 3 main rooms of Club Penguin. So far the Puffle Party has been the only stand out party for me this year. So just for the fun parts of the party, I'm rating it a 3.

Rate3Stars.png By ilovecheeseandrice

This party was Ok. It only had a few rooms and costumes. In my opinion, Cp has been lazier than ever. Hopefully for the first time this year, CP will do a good job on the Medieval Party. Fingers Crossed. Waddle On CP!