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April Fools Party
Average Rating: 2.3 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 18
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You are on the reviews page for the April Fools' Party 2012. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate2Stars.png By LordMaster96

What happened?! This party is way more boring compared to past April Fools Parties. It looks like they turned this party into one of those small events such as the Expeditions. The party rooms are pretty much the same except for two new ones. Having an igloo contest and having Rookie being meetable is nice, but it's not good enough. I would actually give it three stars, but seeing how it's downgraded compared to past years, I'm only going to give it a 2.

Rate2Stars.png By Mario Rk

I agree with Lordmaster96 for the most part. It's like Club Penguin is getting lazy this year. I don't like the Fun House Dimension because it seems too Club Penguin-like to be a dimension. I was hoping this April Fools to be like the one in 2008 mixed with 2011 (for dimensions). That would be the perfect April fools in my opinion.

Rate3Stars.png By Chill57181

The party wasn't TOO bad. I think it was better than the Underwater Expedition, Fashion Show, and Rockhopper's Quest, but worse than the Puffle Party. I liked the return of the other dimensions, but I want a NEW propeller cap instead of the blue one that I already have. I liked the new dimensions though, and the Gary, Aunt Arctic, and Rockhopper-like "balloons" were a neat concept. I also liked the add-ons to the Box Costume. Rookie returned, but he has no new background! Come on! Since I already have him on my list, I got the stamp, and both backgrounds, there's really no point for me to find him.

Another note - WHAT HAPPENED? The only decorated rooms in main CP are the Town, Snow Forts, and Plaza. Really? What happened to Pong at the Night Club? Food Fight at the Pizza Parlor? Tipsy-turvy Forest? I didn't even get to hear the Inside Music which was one of my favorite songs from the party.

Also, CP was lazy with the new dimensions. They just used the Box Dimension music instead of a new one.

Rate2Stars.png By Cylly1512

What... This is really weird. THIS IS NOT APRIL FOOLS! NOT AT ALL! I mean... Uhh... 3 rooms decorated. This is the most uncreative party of CP of all time... I was really hoping for something more... Foolish... >:(

Rate1Star.png By Lego97

It seems like I thought CP couldn't make a party worse than the April Fools 2010 or Fashion Show event - however....I was wrong.


-All the dimensions are same as the last year.

-Even at that, they just threw in a box store....and the catalog just contains items from LAST YEAR's clothing catalog! Come on, at least they could have thrown in some more valuable or rare items in them.

-The Orange Puffle Dimension.....what was CP thinking?!

-They brought back the Blue Propellor hat....come on, they could have at least made a yellow one!

-Only three main rooms decorated? Seriously? The fact that the 2006 April Fools party was only 2 days long, and had WAAY more rooms decorated this is saying a lot right there.

-All the fun features from the past are gone...the upside down Forest, the food fight in the Pizza Parlor is gone, the paintball thing at the Dock, ect..

-Not even the igloo contest can save this, and considering the past contests, I doubt there's a high chance of winning.

-Rookie is okay I guess, but like LordMaster said, it seems like they turned it into an expedition. If that is the case, they should have just renamed this party the "Dimension Expedition"...


+I do like the big/small feature in the Fun House Dimension.....and that's it.

Yikes, don't know what happened. We got such a great party (Puffle Party 2012)...and then we get this. I hope this is CP's attempt at a joke because I am not amused.

Rate4Stars.png By Feey1

This party is pretty good, but not really new. I like the new additions to the Box Suit, and the two new dimensions. But there does seem to be a lack of decorated rooms, and new stuff. I also thinks it's unfair to unmembers that they can't go in ALL the dimensions. The only good parties this year was the Rockhopper's Quest and Puffle Party. Come on Club Penguin, stop slacking!!

Rate1Star.png By 1998drpepper

Wow barley any of the rooms were decorated what a shame this will probley be my last year also

Rate2Stars.png By Lm34gt45

Terrible. Just... terrible. My beloved AF Party just got completely overshadowed by the Puffle Party.

Decorations: 7 (Town, Plaza, Snowforts look good. That's about it. ORANGE PUFFEL DIMENSION SUCKZ)

"WHOA"ness: 3 (So... much... repetition... Barely any rooms decorated. New dimensions suck. Period. I wished for so much more from this party, even tho it came right after the Puffle Party)

Story (if any): 7 (Rookie trying to find home of the orange puffle. Good story. In game, tho, had much more potential)

Live up to hype: 6 (Not much hype, lol)

Lasting freshness: 7 (Lasts for a week. IF you haven't been to last year's party, it will be good for you)

Rate2Stars.png By Greeny50850

This is a good april fools joke, the way CP did his party.


+ Good Decorations

+ Rookie - YAY!!!!!!!!


- The craziest lamest April Fools Party ever. (I have only been there 4 2)

- Too Less Decorations

- CP did it agian!

Rate2Stars.png By PenblooeR

Oh God, the April Fools' Party was one of my favorite parties. Why didn't they decorate the whole island? Why are they making the "parties" such small?

Rate2Stars.png By Mixer2301

CP is getting horrible these days. This party is the worst April Fools in CP, I agree. If you see April Fools party in 2008 or 2009, they had played lots of pranks, which was fun. But this year and the last year, they made us to explore dimensions! That is not silly at all! And Orange Puffle Dimension! Thats the worst of it. I should have given 1, but I was impressed for the talking statue thing, so I rate two. And non members get to wear boxes on their heads! Thats so cruel!

Rate3Stars.png By CP Pen

This party is a bit worse than other April Fools Parties on CP. What I think should be there:

  • More decorated rooms
  • More pranks
  • They should readd the pranks from last year

By worse, I rate it 3 stars for all of these things.

Rate4Stars.png By Crazyp01

Well, what's wrong with you guys! Didn't 2011's APF party leave non-members out by making the box dimenision members only? Well I agree with the propellor hat and the Rookie thing. But really? How about the box costume? How about the re decorated rooms? Well, I agree with most of you, but cmon. go easy on them.

Rate2Stars.png By A7XRev

What happend CP? Usally the April Fools' Party gets better every year but this year...Wow. I feel like the Orange Puffle Dimension could use way more decorations but I like the idea of it. That's one of the only things I like about the party. But seriously, only the Town, Plaza, and Snow Forts being decorated? The only other thing I actually like about the party is the Fun House Dimension. So with that I'll rate it 2. Usally the April Fools' Party is one of the biggest parties on Club Penguin so I have a feeling that the Earth Day Party or the Medeval Party is going to big.

Rate2Stars.png By Welcome00

Sorry if I'm late for this but, WHAT THE HOT SAUCE JUST DID HAPPENED?? I mean like, I expect more from VP coz the April Fools' Party is one of the best parties. For more info, check this pros and cons:


  • The newspaper was really funny, I've read for like 20 times just to laugh at it!!!
  • Non-members can go to the dimensions, VICTORY FOR NON-MEMBERS!!
  • I like the shrinking and biggering thingy. It is too fun!!


  • This is not funny CP, decorating only 3 main rooms in the island. ARE YOU NUTS OR THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS' PRANK!!
  • Orange Dimension was the worst, theres nothing to do at all.
  • Where did the original pranks go?? Wheres the upside-down forest, the boiling water and the pencil-drawed Dojo??


  • Its just not a good party, so im giving it 2 stars.

Rate3Stars.png By Mariocrossing1

What happened? Only a few rooms were decorated! I'm going to quit CP sometime soon.

Rate2Stars.png By Vitwk33

Oh .. one of the worst party in Club Penguin. I agree with Lego97 because the first April Fools' Party held in 2006 had only one day, and yet was much more fun.


+ Rookie reappeared at this party.

+ Who has not had the stamps Party Puzzle and Food Fight could win.

+ First party in which the dimensions were released to non-members.


- What everyone expected - see the middle of the Box Dimension - saw that it was only one dimension with two free items and could change the size and the voice of the penguin. And yet, for members only.

- Few rooms decorated. Where is that Forest upside down? A crazy Iceberg full of arrows? The Pong of Dance Club? The red-and-white balloons in the Pizza Parlor, Coffee Shop and Mine?

- Could have launched a new propeller cap. Like a yellow. Blue is old.

Never thought an April Fools' Party would be this way. Just give 2.

Rate2Stars.png By Dps04

Okay, this party basically had no pranks at all, unlike the one in 2008. What it had was simply dimensions, dimensions and DIMENSIONS! Nah, it is boring with only dimensions. At least make some other ideas, CP. Anyway, there is one thing I appreciate: Non-members can now go to the dimensions! That's nice.