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Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit
Average Rating: 2.7 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 16
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Rate3Stars.png By Cooligan2

This party is pretty nice, although it's not perfect. Pros.

- There's lot's of free items!

- Rockhopper came!

- The fruit hunt wasn't that challenging, but still fun!

- The temple run was nice too, but once again: not very challenging

- Putting on my volcano costume, dancing & then erupting!


- Rockhoppers Secret Items were just stuff that were supost to be in the rock catalog!!! I was excpecting great things in the catalog and they just move stuff into it! HOW IS THIS ACCEPTIBLE CLUB PENGUIN!?

- The party felt really un-finished. Once you've done everything it feel's kind of empty.

This party is somewhat un-finsished so I have to give it a 3.

Rate2Stars.png By A11766

What a let down!


  • NEW rooms that were decorated were decorated nicely
  • The costumes were good
  • Finally new face items


  • Lots of rooms just edited from previous adventure parties
  • That pop up each time you log in is really irritating
  • Scavenger hunt is so easy
  • More rooms dedicated to fruit?
  • Ski Village is yet again forgotten
  • There's only one room of challenge for members which doesn't even effect you if things hit you
  • The final room for members is boring
  • You can't get back to that final room with a shortcut button or anything
  • Once again it centers on the snow forts - just because its the center of the island doesnt mean that every party has to be based there
  • Because of the 'adding mascots' thing, its no fun tracking any more as it is so easy to get backgrounds

I would have given this party 1.5 but it won't allow me to do that; I also ask why CP bother? I did everything apart from get the 2 costumes that are unlocked in a few days in 5-10 minutes - it is so boring and easy!!

Rate3Stars.png By Chill57181

Eh, it was okay. My favorite part is that there are actually fruit costumes for people who don't live in the UK and can't buy innocent smoothies. However, there are NO ingame links to innocent whatsoever! So that's pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, they took away the awesome Ship Battle and Tree Fort from the previous Adventure Parties... :(

Also like others said, the temple is way too easy and short. I mean with the length, couldn't they make it so if you get hit by a seed or get crushed by the watermelon you get sent to the Snow Forts? At least they got it right with the Red Hydra... Oh wait. Due to a bug this year they didn't. But enough about the Medieval Party, this is the Adventure Party Temple of Fruit.

The free items are cool, honestly the headbands don't really interest me but the fruit costumes are cool.

Oh yeah, and they forgot about the Ski Village AGAIN.

Honestly in my opinion, the original Adventure Party from 2009 is still the best one.

Rate3Stars.png By Happyblue128

Eh, It's Okay


-Loads of free items

-Finally new face items

-New party rooms were decorated well

-Rockhopper's new Background is neat!


-Loads of rooms untouched

-When first released the party had LOADS of bugs

-Rockhopper's new player card wasn't needed

-Rare items was disappointing

I would of given the party a 2.5 but I can't.. It's not the best of parties but it's not the worst of parties...

Rate2Stars.png By Error504

The idea of making this party mostly based on fruits simply does not appeal to me. Remember in 2009 when there were rumours that Club Penguin was going to go educational? They're promoting healthy eating here for kids, but I am certain that their campaign is going to fail. Kids are probably only going to buy Innocent Smoothies products only for the codes, and not care about the healthy eating aspect of it.

Rate1Star.png By Reeze

Sheesh, I'm critical. Ok. Down to business. This party just seemed to lack that... "woohoo FUN" factor.


  • Costumes.


  • There are three fruits. You click it and it takes you immediately to the room. BORING!
  • Everything is huge. It's like those remotes that have mega-jumbo buttons.
  • Once you finish the main quest, there's nothing to do.
  • Decorate more rooms!
  • Each room could be a fruit: a grape room, kiwi, lemon, orange, apple, pear, banana, pineapple, etc.
  • Music isn't really all that grabbing.
  • Quest is too short! Rooms are WAY too easy.
  • Nothing interesting happens. Half the rooms are "temple-blah" or just normal. Come on!

I say that Club Penguin models every party after the Festival of Flight!

  1. It has a really interesting backstory.
  2. Everything looks so different!
  3. Neat music that will be stuck in your head for days.
  4. Cool, interactive items!
  5. Quests are getting old. How about interactive attractions like the hot air balloon or Santa's sleigh?

Ok. There. My rant is complete.

-ShrimpPin 19:27, 23 August 2012 (UTC)

Rate3Stars.png By Lego97

Eh, this party had some potential...but it got wasted.


+ Nice costumes.

+ Some nice decorations.

+ Uh, well, it's nice to see Rockhopper again.

+ The story in this one is more believable than a meteor crashing down and giving us super hero costumes, and two Disney Channel stars turning into penguins (yeah, I'm just grasping the straws here)


- The music isn't anything new.

- The temple could've been a lot more challenging, and there's nothing to do at the end.

- More rooms could've been decorated.

- The Innocent Smoothies are really where most of the fruit items come from. Without them, you are stuck with Grape, Pineapple, Apple, and Watermelon. (seriously, why is the UK getting everything before us?)

Well, that may be our last ad party for a while...let's see how CP does in the rest of 2012.

Rate2Stars.png By Oreo25892

A bit mediocre - did not live up to the hype.


1. Decent amount of free items.

2. The costumes from the catalog for members are great.

3. Most new rooms were designed quite well.


1. Getting the Kahuna backgrounds is just... boring.

2. The Scavenger Hunt was far too easy. The objects were hidden in the same rooms as the free items!

3. Lots of returning rooms.

4. No new music - seriously?!

5. Nothing to do after you get all the items and complete the quest.

6. Not enough exclusive content for members.

7. Lots of rooms - like the Ski Village and the Iceberg - aren't decorated.

8. The party felt rushed. With more work it could've been a bit better which may have made me give it 3 stars instead of 2.

Seriously, 3 disappointing (and commercial!) parties in a row. Sort it out Club Penguin.

Rate2Stars.png By Ronnp09CP

The Party is fun! But I didn't like how CP planned to make RH bring that volcano to the island but that is very impossible.. You can't lift a volcano or push it or put it on the Migrator.. And it shouldn't have got a chance to go to the island RH found the volcano...

Rate5Stars.png By Yuri102212

Ugh, come on! Why do you hate this party? What's wrong with it? So- what?


+Being commercial (What's wrong with it? Surely that's the reason why I like the last two parties, being commercial)

+What? The temple looks very fun to me!


+{bites diggy daggy dwagons) Hmmm... Why? Club Penguin worked VERY HARD for the party. If you pity them, why complain?


+The cool splash screen (ugh, 99.9% call this annoying)

+More, I'm lazy to tell these!


-Please do not hate me by telling this, but no, I do not have any cons. Sorry.

Rate3Stars.png By Wolfgangs

I liked the party and I don't see it that bad. If it only made more harder mazes and more interesting things in it then the party can be rated as 5/5.

Rate1Star.png By TheBroMaster

Horrible. Everything sucks, and the codes are only available in the UK, while most users come from the US and Canada. WTF?

Rate2Stars.png By Imdill3

Honestly, the party was just as fun as it was named: "Temple of Fruit", oh boy. Maybe the upcoming Fall Festival should be based around vegetables (no, not the designers). I always think "exploring, exciting, and amazing" when it comes to this event. Sadly, it doesn't seem much effort went in this year.

Rate1Star.png By CoinsCP

All I liked about this party was Rockhopper coming (since I haven't met him on the account before). Besides that, this is one of the worst parties. The Temple of Fruit was boring (the giant watermelon does no effect). and too easy. And a fruit party sounds too kiddy. They shouldn't of made this party, or at least kept it a normal Adventure Party.

Rate2Stars.png By Cp kid

Wow... I would give them a 2.5 for effort, but whatever :P


  • Lots of new items?


  • RH has a stupid new outfit design :/
  • Fruit
  • No old party rooms :(

Well, here it is. Another over-hyped, over-advertised partnership party... I don't mind the "Healthy living" in CP, but don't base a whole party on it! The Island Adventure Party last year was really cool, with the scavenger hunt, and the awesome party rooms. But ofcourse, CP had to completely ruin it. They have a lot of new items; but honestly, who wants to run around like a giant pineapple?! Also, the new Coffee Shop design is really stupid. The old coffee shop was a classic room, and CP had to change it...

And although I only went on CP during the party once, I decided to quit CP altogether after I logged off because it was so bad(if that tells you anything...)

Rate5Stars.png By Ploppop1

This is my first review. I enjoyed the Adventure party.The costumes were a great fit for the party theme.My favrite part was the quest you got to do and your reward was a fruit costume.My second favorite thing was the valcano Big Kahunna that was a nice touch.