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7th Anniversary Party
Average Rating: 1.8 (Rotten)
Total Reviews: 21
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Rate1Star.png By LordMaster96

I'm sorry Club Penguin, but this year's Anniversary Party is one of the worst, if not the worst. First off, the Halloween Party will easily wash away the memories of this party. Unlike last year, there's no banner in the town advertising the party. Decor wise, why is the Halloween Party music playing in a room that has only Night of the Living Sled as a Halloween decor? Yes, it might be Halloween, but the party has no Halloween twist to it unlike last year. All this is just a matter of poor preparation.

I look forward to next year when the party will have cobwebs all over the room and an "8" on a crumb with spiders eating the cake crumbs, with the room unfinished.

Rate2Stars.png By Chill57181

I'm extremely disappointed with this party.


  • We got a new party hat... That's good, right?
  • The new yearbook is nice.


  • I remain unimpressed with the decorations (or lack thereof).
  • No mascot at this party, unlike last year. Although it's understandable for a two-day party.
  • Town and Book Room are untouched. Ever since the Marvel Superhero Takeover the Book Room is just ruined, and I sadly think we won't see it decorated ever again.
  • There aren't even any interactive features. In past years you had to work a little bit to get the party hat. This year it's just sitting on the table...

Conclusion: Normally I like CP's anniversaries. But this time... I'm disappointed. Good job CP, good job. e_e

Rate1Star.png By Hat Pop

'Nuff said. This party was a huge letdown for me, and I actually expected a good party.

Rate1Star.png By Reeze

Terrible. Worst Anniversary Party ever. I didn't even know it was happening until I went inside the Coffee Shop. There are almost no decorations and the room just looks too cluttered. I like the party hat, but it's a really terrible idea to have the Halloween Party and the Anniversary Party at the same time unless the hat is something like orange and black. I would actually prefer it if they moved it to a less junky room. Smoothies+coffee+movie+Halloween decorations+giant cake= nothing good. Horrible, just horrible.

Rate1Star.png By Cp kid

... Are you serious? I honestly didn't think they'd have one at all because of the Coffe Shop re-vamp, and if they did I KNEW that it would suck. I could tell that because they didn't decorate the coffee shop for Halloween even, so for a smaller party it'd just be brutal. Plus, they could just add the party hat to all of our inventories, rather than just putting it on the table next to the yearbook :/ I also agree with Reeze when he said it is WAY to crowded. In addition, only HALF of the available space is even decorated! It's just a blue carpet leading to a small table with the cake, party hat, and yearbook all crammed onto it, with a small nacho table on the side. So, once again CP has failed, mostly due to the new crappy decoration-less room designs.

Rate1Star.png By TheBroMaster

This party SUCKS. 'Nuff said.

Rate1Star.png By ClubPenguinMaster

This was the worst anniversary party I've ever seen. It lacks the decorations and the high points of an anniversary party.

  • Storyline: In the past, there was usually more excitement and news about the anniversary parties. This one just lacks excitement. There used to be articles in the Club Penguin Times that gave us a lot of pep and we knew that it was another big year for CP. This year was a complete letdown.
  • Items: The only good thing that I can see is the party hat. It's a nice color scheme of blue and gold which matches CP's new logo.
  • Rooms: Only one room was decorated for the party... In the past, the Town would get a banner, the Book Room would get beanbag chairs, balloons, and lots of colors, and the Coffee Shop would get massive decorations (i.g. banners, present boxes, a big cake, and a big table of food and drinks). This year, all we get are two patches of balloons, some stars thrown in places, a tiny table of chips and punch, and the smallest cake in the Coffee Shop. No banners, no presents, and no major wall decorations.
  • Activities: There are no famous penguins to meet at this party. I would have liked to see Aunt Arctic or Rookie at this party. The yearbook comes out as always, which is always nice, but it just doesn't make up for the rest of the disappointment.

This party really disappointed me. The major problems of the recent anniversary parties is that they start in the middle of the Halloween Parties. CP knows that they will have an anniversary party at the same time every year, so they should push the Halloween Party back. The Halloween Party started way too early in the past two years, nearly two weeks before Halloween. So... enjoy your party hat and yearbook this year. At this rate, you may not get another one.

Rate1Star.png By PenblooeR

Ditto everyone. My grandma bakes cakes bigger than this party's.

Rate1Star.png By RainbowDash

Yet another lame party. Disney is doing sooo bad lately. I do not understand why everyone is so positive on the Halloween Party 2012 which sucks more than ever. Pros:

- Uh... there's a new hat and it's better than last years one, yay??


- No banner or other advertise method for this party.

- The room is only decorated inside the Coffee Shop and not upstairs nor outside The decorations also only cover about 60% of the room, looks like Disney's been lazy once again.

- The anniversary cake is even tinier than last year! Not really a big celebration, i'd say.

- The party hat this time is so badly hidden, it's not even hidden. You simply click the stupid hat there and you get it.. -_-

Rate1Star.png By Imdill3

I wouldn't even consider this party a "Party". There's literally about nothing to review. I think they did a better job making the BETA party. 1 star for not removing anniversary parties like many other traditions.

Rate3Stars.png By Mario Rk

I agree with Chill57181 on most parts. I'm honestly glad enough Club Penguin decorated at all.

Rate5Stars.png By Yuri102212

There is really nothing wrong with the party. It's JUST decorations, why complain?

Rate3Stars.png By Dps04

This party is meant to be a small one compared with the halloween party. Why complain? I wont be too harsh on this.

Rate3Stars.png By Ronnp09CP

Well its not really bad... It's nice.. But I still hate some parts... Firstly The Cake, Decorations, Yearbook are nice.. The Only thing I hate is there is no Banner outside the coffee shop and the Book Room, ain't decorated

Rate2Stars.png By A11766

Hmmm, decorations that existed were great - but there were about 5. Book room should be decorated, and there should be a banner in the town. A shame that the hat wasn't a surprise either - 4th or 5th anniversary parties were so much better

Rate1Star.png By A7XRev

Wow just wow. This party sucks! I didn't think that there would be a worse party than the Earth Day party or the Fashion Show!


  • The party hat looked awesome
  • The yearbook was cool


  • They didn't put a banner on the Coffee Shop in the Town
  • The Book Room isn't decorated?! C'mon, CP!
  • The a lie (It's SO true!)
  • They tied it with the Halloween Party again!

At this rate next years anniversary will be like this:

  • The yearbook will only go up to May
  • The cake will be a cupcake with a microscopic 8 on it
  • There would be NO decorations, just a very small table
  • The hat will just be grey, no other colors

I don't want the anniversary to turn like that! Since the Adventure Party (More like Fruit Party) I haven't liked what CP is doing. This party is putting me on the edge for quitting Club Penguin. Now that Billybob and Happy77 are leaving I'm worried CP is going to go down the drain. So they better make Card-Jitsu Snow or the Holiday Party extremely good or that would that be it for me.

Rate1Star.png By Sharkbate

Horrible. Not even close to good. I mean, with Billybob and Happy announcing their departures, you'd think they'd make it a blast. Instead, they cram a little cake at the bottom of the screen and throw a book and a hat on a table. Go back and look at the 2nd Anniversary Party. Look at the cake! It's huge! This one is tiny. There are many problems with this 'party'. I mean, they didn't even edit any other rooms. It's an ANNIVERSARY! Is that not supposed to be special? Jeez, Club Penguin! What's goin' on?

Rate1Star.png By Lego97

Well, it was an anniversary party, so I wasn't expecting much to begin with. But I must agree this wasn't the best Anniversary Party.


+ The new yearbook is cool.

+ The new hat is nice.


- Barely any advertisement.

- Book Room isn't decorated..seriously now?

- Hardly any decorations. What happened to a banner outside the Coffee Shop that would tell players every year the anniversary party is going on?

- Is CP that afraid to fix the Coffee Shop design? It wouldn't hurt to at least throw some more balloons or banners in..

Overall, very forgettable party (hey, it's barely advertised and all crammed in one room. Who would want to remember that?).

Rate1Star.png By WweVsWwf

Seriously CP? I thought this will be the biggest party on 2012, its THEIR anniversary! Also at CP office they had a WAY better anniversary party. Here is my pros and cons of the "crappy" 7th anniversary party:


-The colours of the party was nice, blue and gold were good colours. -The hat was nice too and not ugly like last year, it was the old cone shaped. -The yearbook is nice, I like the characters page and the hidden Director.


-The Town has no banner or had a huge cake. At the 4th and 5th anniversary the down is a huge cake at the down outside he coffee shop and the 3rd anniversary looked like times square in New York, USA. -The Book Room did not even had any decorations. C'mon CP the new Book Room SUCKS and it was so crowed that they NEVER added any decorations. This is why I hate the Book Room or the "CP Times Office." -The Cake was WAY to small, remember in the other anniversary parties the cake takes 5/8 of the coffee shop? This year the cake took 0.7/8 of the Coffee Shop. -The Coffee Shop was so ugly. There was VERY less decorations and you been or seen the 4th and the 5th anniversary Coffee Shop was EPIC and better then this year -The hat was a free item to earn it you just to and get it from the table, seriously CP? The 3rd anniversary you need to click the Wish Maker 3000 to get the hat, the 4th anniversary you need to destroy the pinata and the 6th anniversary you need to click the needle to pop the balloons and get the 6th party hat -No mascots came at the 7th anniversary party.

If you seen the old anniversary parties you will obviously dislike this year anniversary party, even the first anniversary was better then this year anniversary party. CP or Disney needs to make the anniversary good, its ok if the other parties were bad but I think they HAVE to make the anniversary party the best party of the year and maybe the 10th anniversary party will be just a blank white hat. Also CP needs to remove Night Of The Living Sled in the Coffee Shop and this is a little of topic but they also need to add decorations in the Coffee Shop for the Halloween Party.

Rate5Stars.png By Quackerpingu

Cool, because living sled movie was not returned for this party in coffee shop!

Rate2Stars.png By 1998drpepper

It was not amazing very very gloomy and not a party at all Pros:

- A new hat with colors that are not the same


- No banner or other advertise method for this party.

- The room is only decorated inside the Coffee Shop and not upstairs or outside...

- The anniversary cake is small and not big at all! No special effects on the cake either just candles to blow out!

- The party hat this time is so badly hidden, it's not even hidden. You simply click the stupid hat there and you get it.. -_-

- The party decorations didnt even match the colors on the party hat ;'(