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General Information[edit]

Something new to do everyday of December until Christmas day!

Dates December 1st - December 25th
Hosts Brookelas


From December 1st to 25th, users were able to participate in a new activity everyday! Doing so would earn them a chocolate, which would act as a ballot for the final prize at the end. Activities ranged from questionnaires, contests, meetups, and even exclusive minigames! Below is a list of activities that were available.

Day 1: Drawing Contest

Day 2: Candy Fishing

Day 3: Christmas Music

Day 4: Gift Counters

Day 5: Christmas Card

Day 6: Tic-Tac-Toe

Day 7: Wear a Santa Hat

Day 8: Igloo Contest

Day 9: Gift Delivery

Day 10: Puffle Paddle: Christmas Edition

Day 11: Free!

Day 12: Holiday Party Ideas

Day 13: Super Sledding

Day 14: Holiday Questionnaire

Day 15: Grab & Spin

Day 16: Cookie Balloon Pop

Day 17: Edit a Christmas Article

Day 18: Costume Contest

Day 19: Donate to Coins for Change

Day 20: Christmas Tree 2013

Day 21: CPW On Ice 2013

Day 22: Merry Merry Christmas Meetup

Day 23: Reindeer Puffle Soaker

Day 24: Feedback