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Official Event

General Information[edit]


Date Saturday, December 21, 2013
Time 8:00 AM PST
Server Oyster
Host Brookelas
Meeting Room Stadium


Start Time
End Time


UPDATE: The Stadium updated, and if we dont play hockey, it takes away the whole point of the game. So instead, we are doing some other fun games JUST FOR FUN without competition

A fun Holiday Competition is coming to Club Penguin Wiki this year! In order to participate, sign up on the talk page. We will put you into two teams... red vs green. The two teams will play a game of hockey, and the winning team will move onto the final round... a whole bunch of silly games. (Only the winning hockey team can move onto round 2). All participants will get a chocolate for the countdown, and the winning player will get a bonus chocolate!

There is no itinerary

Event Gallery[edit]

Credit to Penstubal for the name idea