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The new moderator badge.

Moderators are Club Penguin (Disney Online Studios) staff members, and help keep it safe by banning players who have broken the rules. All Club Penguin moderators have a badge in the upper-right corner of their player card, which is identical to the letter "M" at the upper-right corner of the screen. To become a Moderator, one must live near one of the four Club Penguin offices around the world, and be over 18 years of age. Club Penguin Bloggers (Polo Field, Spike Hike, etc.) are also considered "moderators", even though their job isn't moderating. Another way of getting banned by a moderator is when you get a warning that you are breaking the Club Penguin rules and the moderator kicks you out of the server.


The map of Club Penguin offices.

There are four Club Penguin offices around the world, and they are located at (by order of its respective language being established on Club Penguin):

Known Moderators[edit]

See List of known Moderators

Confirmed moderators (not bloggers) include:

  • Gros Gorge
  • Toaster
  • Daisylemon (presumed test account)
  • Cool Times
  • Super Sheep
  • Iwantpizza
  • Tundrafluff
  • Billy Corgan
  • Troy56021
  • Skaboots
  • Grasstain
  • Deelitedansa
  • Bad Stink
  • Mr Slumpy
  • Rhubarbcrbl
  • Steampowered
  • Deamama
  • Cupcakehands
  • 5feet2short
  • Mosski
  • Suzisnowball
  • Tarlic Ghost
  • Chai Cookie
  • Mmm Cookies
  • The 4 Star
  • Puff1e Dude
  • Dolly Button
  • Funni Dude
  • Turbo Sharks
  • L8tr Skater
  • Daizywaizy2
  • Bella Bugz
  • Flower Miss
  • Painterbird
  • Gizmo
  • Goodtea
  • Karlapop321
  • Deamama
  • Cool Times
  • Robo Bird
  • Smulley
  • Happyllama
  • Frozentweety
  • Mars Hawk
  • Beaker Meep
  • Kozykat
  • Myradpenguin
  • Shrub Shrub
  • Aquarium Bob
  • Mc Gus
  • Nanner Fairy
  • Eatyaveggies
  • Tuna Sashimi
  • Cheese Tree
  • Wanderspud
  • Espresso87
  • Glitter Roll
  • Flying Fox
  • Dyno Soar
  • Light Petal
  • M0r3 C0wb3ll
  • Llamarama
  • Lilac Ren
  • Kroupi
  • Shadow Kat
  • Shawaddle
  • Roscoe Flava
  • Sketch Book
  • Frileuse
  • Great Agent
  • Screen captor
  • Berinjelapin
  • An Engineer
  • Aquapenguin
  • Sweatyjimsoc
  • Silent Stig
  • Grand Stand
  • RainingChamp
  • Fun Feathers
  • Pingolo Fr
  • Perlerare
  • Puffleruffle
  • B0b0 Belly
  • Bacon Pie
  • Surfa Siss
  • Lisa Pizza22
  • Nanu
  • OogyBoogy
  • Penguin123
  • Momma Maia
  • Cooki Rocket
  • Beaui
  • Sophistikat
  • Pinkyunicorn
  • Roarindino
  • Feather Finn
  • Betty Belle
  • Hamsterhands
  • Clockworkman
  • Someday
  • Is Unicorn
  • Pirate
  • Sir Champion
  • Iwearbowties
  • Baseballfan9
  • Polite Panda
  • Bambalou
  • Nopenny2000

Current Bloggers[edit]

Former Bloggers[edit]


Current Club Penguin Moderators & Bloggers[edit]

Player cards[edit]

Former Club Penguin Moderators & Bloggers[edit]

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  • They can wear clothes and colors not available to regular penguins, for example Dark Black.
  • There once was a secret Moderator Chat on where they planned upcoming events. However, the chat has been moved due to many overly curious penguins finding it and getting in. The secret Moderator Chat was then moved to, but was then moved again due to the same reason as before.
  • The moderators' main accounts are all Ultimate Safe Chat, yet they can still use regular chat.

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