Club Penguin Comics: Volume 1

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The cover

Club Penguin Comics: Volume 1 is the first comic book by Club Penguin. Comics from the website and other comics are in this book.


This super-silly book of Club Penguin comics is sure to tickle your funny bone! It includes tons of all-new funnies, plus your favorite classic comics from the site!


  • Waddle On
  • Around Club Penguin
  • Puffles, Puffles, Puffles
  • Famous Friends
  • All Fun and Games


Waddle On[edit]

-three pre-panels are shown, each one has snowflake-

Panel 1: Penguin 1: Squee!
Panel 2: Penguin 1: Wow, guys, look, it's snowing! The first snow of the season!
Panel 3: Penguin 2: That's great...except the season is summer.
Penguin 3: Yeah. And there's always snow.

Panel 1: Penguin 1: Nothing here.
Penguin 2: Still nothing?
Panel 2: Penguin 3: Are you sure he said the pin was here?
Penguin 2: Positive! He said it was somewhere in the Lounge.
Panel 3: Penguin 2: Well, I'm tired of looking. I'm sitting down.
Panel 4: -pointy kind of pin is on chair- Penguin 2: YEE-OW!
Panel 5: Penguin 3: Found it!
Penguin 1: Yay!

Panel 1: -inside Coffee Shop- Tour Guide Penguin: So, over here we have the pizza shop. It's where you get your pizzas and what-have-you.
Panel 2: -inside Sports Shop-Tour Guide Penguin: And this is the-uh-sporty sports. you can buy, hmmm...Looks like shoes and a sled-and oh, look! I think that's a ball over there.
Panel 3: -in the Cove- Tour Guide Penguin: This is the Let's see...Got some fire over there, some trees and stuff. There's some penguins swimming. Uhmmmm...
Panel 4: Penguin 1: You have no idea what you're saying, do you.
-takes off hat- Tour Guide Penguin: I just wanted the hat.

Panel 1: -Penguin is whistling-
Panel 2: -penguin wearing moose head shows up- Penguin: Wha-?
Panel 3: -penguin wearing Squidzoid costume shows up- Penguin: EEE!
Panel 4: -penguin wearing dragon costume shows up- -Penguin runs away-
Penguin: I don't even know where I am anymore!

Around Club Penguin[edit]

Panel 1: -Penguin 2 carries chair- Penguin 1: What are you doing?
Penguin 2: Didn't you hear? There's an igloo decorating contest!
Panel 2: Penguin 2: I'm doing such a good job, I'll get first prize for sure!
Panel 3: Penguin 1: I highly doubt that.
Penguin 2: What? Why?
Panel 4: Penguin 1: Because this is the Coffee Shop!
Penguin 2: I was hoping that still counted.

Panel 1: -"under construction" stage in the Lighthouse-
Penguin 1: What's that?
Penguin 2: I don't know. It's still under construction.
Panel 2: Penguin 1: Hey! Let's help build it, guys!
Panel 3: -penguins are drilling on construction-
-stage is destroyed-
Panel 4: Penguin 1: That... usually works.

Puffles, Puffles, Puffles[edit]

Panel 1: Penguin 2: I'm trying to teach my puffle some new tricks.
Panel 2: Penguin 2: Sit, Fluffy, sit!
Panel 3: -penguins are shown staring at puffle-
Panel 4: Penguin 1: Is it sitting? Penguin 2: I have no idea.

Panel 1: Penguin 1: Hey! What're you up to?
Panel 2: Penguin 2: Just taking my puffle for a walk.
Panel 3: Puffle 1: Hey! What're you up to?
Panel 4: Puffle 2: Just taking my penguin for a walk. You know how they can get.

Famous Friends[edit]

Panel 1: -Rockhopper is seen sailing ship-
Panel 2: Rockhopper: Gasp!
Panel 3: -Migrator is about to hit an iceberg- Rockhopper: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Panel 5: OOOOOOOO- -Migrator bumps into iceberg-

Panel 1: Gary's Failed Designs
Panel 2: Ski Lift 1000 -penguins are getting shook off ski lift-
Panel 3: Toaster 1000 -toaster is blasting toast at penguin-
Panel 4: Orange Juice 1000 -oranges explode-

Panel 1: Penguin 1: Sensei! Please share with us your wisdom.
Panel 2: Sensei: The wisest penguin, knows every journey begins, with a single step
Panel 3: Sensei: And that it's easy, to sound very wise if you, say things in haiku
Panel 4: Penguin 1: ... You got that from a fortune cookie, didn't you?
Panel 5: Sensei: ...
Panel 6: -smoke appears everywhere- Sensei: NINJA VANISH!

Panel 1: Gary: Hello, everyone! Today we'll be testing my Pirate Translator 3000 on Rockhopper.
Panel 2: Rockhopper: Avast and ahoy me hearties! Shiver me timbers! I have a blimey thirst that could sunder the seven seas! Smartly now, sailors, be there a buccaneer or landlubber to be me bucko and plunder me some cow's grog?
Panel 3: Pirate Translator 3000: Hello, friends. Can someone get me a glass of milk?
Panel 4: Penguin 1: Did he really say that?
Rockhopper: Arrrrrrr...
Pirate Translator 3000: Yessssssss...

Panel 1: Aunt Arctic: I'm so tired! But I still have an article due for tomorrow....
Panel 2: Aunt Arctic: Yawn.
Aunt Arctic: I'll have to write it right after I wake up.
Panel 4: Aunt Arctic: Gasp! What's this?
Panel 5: Aunt Arctic: DId you write my article for me? Aw. Thank you, my dears. You may have really saved my bacon!
Panel 6: -paper with random letters and symbols-
Panel 7: -Aunt Arctic shows a disappointed face-