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The welcome page first-time visitors of the website were shown. was Club Penguin's official home website.



The first version of the website.

Sometime prior to Club Penguin's launch, was launched to tease the game. Back then, it just showed an empty page with “Coming Soon” written in bold. When Club Penguin launched, the website was updated with its features, membership and a video showing off some of the game's features. Sometime in 2006, the website was updated again and now showed a penguin standing in front of the Town. If you clicked the penguin it would change its outfit to random clothes found in the game. If you clicked on the “N” in Night Club, the penguin would wear a Ninja Mask.


In late April 2008, the homepage was updated with a few penguins on the Beach. This was the first version to be commonly updated for most events occurring on the island. This version also had a new trailer for the game. On August 18, 2011, the homepage was updated with more penguins at the Beach. The homepage was updated to its current appearance for the Holiday Party 2012. This most recent design features an image slide, which advertises current and upcoming events, instead of the interactive penguins. In February, a new welcome page was made for first-time visitors of the site.



The main homepage advertises current and upcoming events on the image slide. It also contains links to other pages on the site on the top. Time to time, the homepage will feature videos to watch or songs to download or listen to.


The Membership page shows off the benefits of membership and the prices for it.

Fun Stuff[edit]

Under the Fun Stuff section, you can find fan art and photos, featured igloos, wallpapers, banners, comics and plenty of activities. There is also a poll that is updated weekly. The PSA Secret Missions were put here after the destruction of the VR Room back in November 2012.

Also under Fun Stuff, you can find the What's New Blog and look at some of the latest Club Penguin news. You may comment on posts or browse through old archives dating back to 2011.

Online Safety[edit]

The Online Safety page features a tips on how to stay safe while being online.

Parental controls & family safety[edit]




(As of January 22, 2015)[1]

Page Views* 1.5 Million
Visitors* 450,000 visits per day
Rank 4995th
Traffic fraction 1/320,000 of all web traffic
Size 11.77 KiB


  • In the old version of the website, if you click “N” in the word Night Club, the penguin will put a ninja mask on.
    • In the oldest version of the site, if you click on the “N” in “Club Penguin”, a ninja would appear.
    • Each of these Easter eggs were wiped from the site after the advent of actual ninjas.
  • In the newest version of the site, the main screen changes according to the current events happening.
  • On June 20, 2011, CP's domain name lease expired. It was renewed soon, but some penguins could still not log in. If you called on Club Penguin's business phone, they would extend/give you membership for one week and give you 10,000 coins.[citation needed]
  • At one time, here was a bug on the homepage, it shows the Puffle Party Ski Village and Town, not a normal Ski Village and Town.
  • Club Penguin's website domain is registered by Melbourne IT and hosted on Disney's network.





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