Club Penguin: Festa na Ilha!

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Club Penguin: Festa na Ilha!

The front cover of the book.
Date released May 4th, 2011
Unlocks items? No

Club Penguin: Festa na Ilha! (English: Club Penguin: Party in the Island) is a sticker album published by Editora Abril that was released on May 4th, 2011 only in Brazil.
It contains 198 stickers, featuring the old version of the Map, some pins, penguins from artworks, some igloos and a "Did you Know?" section. It also contains some info about parties. Each party has its own page. The parties featured on this sticker album, respectively, are: Wilderness Expedition, Puffle Party, Penguin Play Awards, April Fools' Party, Earth Day, Medieval Party, Island Adventure Party, Music Jam, The Fair, Anniversary Party, Halloween Party and Holiday Party. There is also a Coins for Change page.


  • On the Island Adventure Party page, it says about the battle between sailors and pirates. However, there was a battle between captains and pirates.
  • According to the book, Coins for Change will return this year.
  • The yellow penguin on the front cover is similar to the penguin on the 4th Anniversary postcard. The only difference between them is that the penguin from the postcard is Blue.
  • There is a sticker for every penguin on the front cover.