Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (Collector's Edition)

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Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (Collector's Edition)
DS Collector.png
The box art for the Collector's Edition Bundle.
Platform Nintendo DS family
Developer 1st Playable Productions
Publisher Disney Interactive Studios
ESRB rating ESRB E.PNG No Descriptors
Genre Point-And-Click
Date released NAMap.png: September 22, 2009
EUFlag.png: November 27, 2009
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Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (Collector's Edition) is an upgraded and bundled version of the original game: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.


The Collector's Edition is almost identical to the original game, except for the aspects below.

It is almost completely driven by using the stylus to select the items on the lower screen, with the top screen having all the information.

In the game, your penguin is assigned an Elite role ranked superior to the Secret Agents, an "Elite Penguin Force Agent". Players embark on missions utilizing both familiar and all-new gadgets, accessories, vehicles, and locations to investigate mysterious events on Club Penguin Island.


Strangely, most of the alerts came for Disney Store and Club Penguin blogs, instead of the What's New Blog.

There was no official press release, probably because many thought the game would be exactly the same, just bundled.

Due to its silent release, many people found about it when it was on the Club Penguin Shop.

New Features[edit]

The game is just like the previous version, but it was upgraded in the following aspects:

In the game[edit]

  • A Mic. option only available in the European release of the origial version below the START option.
  • Larger or different message boxes, like the "Saving", "You Win!", etc.

In the Box[edit]

  • The backgrounds are silver instead of blue.
  • It says "Collector's Edition" on the top and has a message next to the agent.
  • It contains a code card for 2,500 coins, and EPF stylus and an exclusive DS skin.


  • During the week of June 25, 2010, a discounted version topped DS charts.[1]

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