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Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
The box art for Elite Penguin Force.
Platform Nintendo DS family
Developer 1st Playable Productions[1]
Publisher Disney Interactive Studios
ESRB rating ESRB E.PNG No Descriptors
Genre Point-And-Click
Date released NAMap.png: November 25, 2008
EUFlag.png: March 13, 2009 (UK and Ireland)
Scandinavia: March 28, 2009
AUFlag.png: April 14, 2009
This article is about the Nintendo DS game. For the series, see Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (series).
You may have also been looking for the Everyday Phoning Facility or the Elite Penguin Force agency.

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is a Club Penguin game for the Nintendo DS. It uses the Nintendo DS's touchscreen to complete intuitive secret agent missions for the Elite Penguin Force, a higher tier of the PSA, (until its destruction) as well as mini-games based upon Club Penguin itself. The game received mostly positive reviews.[2][3]


On Monday, July 14th, 2008, Club Penguin officially announced one of the largest projects the company would probably ever do. They planned to release a special edition of Club Penguin for the Nintendo DS, which was launched in North America on November 25, 2008 and launched in Europe in March 13, 2009. Before the release of the game, they decided the name could be "Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force".

Nearly a year after the original release, a special edition was released, which contains a 2,500 coin code card, an "EPF" logo stylus, and a DS skin. It also has its own trailer.

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The Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force menu.
The Code Card, included in the box.

The gameplay is very similar to the online missions, by tapping the Touch Screen.

The box contains a special "Code Card", which when typed in unlocks a Spy Phone (if you do not have one), 1,500 coins, and a Certificate which enables you to access to the Command Room.

In the game, your penguin is assigned an Elite role ranked superior to the secret agents, an "Elite Penguin Force agent". Players embark on missions utilizing both familiar and all-new gadgets, accessories, vehicles, and locations to investigate mysterious events on Club Penguin Island. In addition, the game operates with the Nintendo Wi-Fi system, coins that you earn in the game can be sent to your online penguin from the DS. To earn the virtual coins you must play the mini games.

Development & data

  • The game took 10 months to be created and it was developed by 1st Playable Productions, LLC
  • It is rated "E for Everyone", by the ESRB, and "3+" by the PEGI.

Release dates

  • The game was released in North America on November 25, 2008.
  • The game was released in the UK and Ireland on March 13, 2009.
  • The game was released in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland on March 28, 2009.
  • The game was released in Australia and New Zealand in April 16, 2009.



Main Article: Elite Penguin Force Missions


1. A Wrench in the Works

2. Hide and Seek

3. Leaning Order of Pizza

4. The Wrong Orders

5. Alien Conspiracy

6. Penguin at Work

7. Sweet Friend of Mines

8. Drifting Away

9. Cause and Effect

10. Lost and Confused

Regional variations

  • There is no code card in the UK version's box. Instead, there is a sticker with the code on the plastic wrapping.
  • The DGamer feature is not available on the UK version.
  • The UK version has a Mic. option not found in the American release. It was later added for the 2009 bundle.


  • During its first week, it was the number 1 Nintendo DS game in sale, surpassing various Nintendo games and being in 5th place of Amazon videogame sales, both during and after Black Friday.[4]
  • In December 2008, the game was announced to be the 4th in popularity of Nintendo DS games in its during the week of its release.
  • In April 2009, the game won an ELAN award for best handheld game.[5]
  • In the announcement of the sequel, Disney also mentioned that the game sold 1.5 million copies in 15 months.
  • The game helped 1st Playable Productions go to place 39 in Develop100 during the 2010 issue.[6]

Beta elements

Several things not present in the game are seen in several places.

  • The back of the box shows a penguin wearing a red electric guitar. However, the red guitar was probably replaced by the black one during development.
  • The back of the box also shows the penguins in Dance Challenge on one screen, proving it was originally going to be single-screen.
  • Some mission icons and an image in page 10 of the manual show Dot with black hair, instead of blonde hair.
  • In the manual the multiplayer player select screen is different.


  • If you go into the Dance Lounge and talk to the penguin there, he says, "Someone told me if I stood in the Dojo for thirty minutes, I'd become a ninja. Do you think that's true?" this is a reference to Sanity1's rumour that if you stood in the Dojo for half an hour, you would become a ninja.
  • There is a reference to Pixar Animation Studios in the HQ. If the lamp on the desk is touched, it bounces like Luxo Jr., the lamp in the Pixar logo shown before every Disney/Pixar movie.
  • The Cove cannot be seen in the game, even though the Forest is there.
  • When you play the first missions, you talk as if you were not part of the PSA.
  • The opening sequence played when the game is turned on is recreates Get Smart's opening sequence shot for shot at certain parts.
  • Since May 20, 2010, this game is no longer connected to the online version anymore (except transfer coins) as becoming an EPF agent doesn't need to have the DS anymore, but you can get more items by using another DS game, Herbert's Revenge.


On May 25, 2010, a sequel named Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge was released. The sequel follows the plot left by online missions.

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