Cloud Wave Bracers

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Cloud Wave Bracers
Cloud Wave Bracers.PNG
Available Yes
Type Hand Item
Member item Yes
Party None
Cost 250 coins
Where found Martial Artworks
Item ID(s) 5040
:Not to be confused with the regular Bracers.

The Cloud Wave Bracers are a hand item in Club Penguin. They were first released on July 3, 2009, coinciding with Sensei's declared visit to the Ninja Hideout. They are purchasable only from the Martial Artworks catalog for 250 coins, and they're a members only item. When equipped along with the other items from the Ninja Costume, players can use the wave action to disappear.

During Sensei's Scavenger Hunt event, if you activated your Cloud Wave Bracers at the Ninja Hideout while standing in a dug out spot in the dirt, you could turn the wheel so that the items would fall into a hole.

There is a Cloud Wave Bracers power card in the Card-Jitsu Fire series. If you wear it and talk to Sensei in the game itself, he will say "I see you're wearing the ancient Cloud Wave Bracers. Forecast is cloudy..."

Martial Artworks Catalog description[edit]

With ninja gear comes many powerful skills.
These Cloud Wave Bracers
let you turn fluffy clouds

into distractions.

Wear them with your suit
ninja mask, and wave your arm
Foof! You have vanished!

Nature has much to teach us about the way of the ninja.


There is a commonly recurring glitch with the Cloud Wave Bracers, where if you wave the suit will disappear, but your penguin color will be visible for a few seconds. This also happens when you wave with the full Fire Suit and full Water Suit.


Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Braçadeiras da Nuvem Misteriosa
French Bracelets de Protection Nuage de Fumée
Spanish Muñequeras de humo
German Wolken-Schienen
Russian Напульсники "Летящее облако"

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