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Clothes, or clothing, are optional items that penguins can wear. Most clothes can only be purchased by members. Clothing catalogs are all over the island for penguins to purchase from.

Clothing catalogs[edit]

Name Located at
Penguin Style Gift Shop
Snow and Sports Stadium
Costume Trunk Stage
Rockhopper's Rare Items Ship Hold (when docked)
Treasure Book Club Penguin's toy page

Gift Shop Unlock An Item page


On special occasions, some clothing items can be collected for free in various areas. These are the items that non-members can receive. These are normally found in or on free item stands.

Special Actions[edit]

See main article, Actions
Special Dances, as seen in The F.I.S.H.
Special Actions.

Some clothes, when worn, allow penguins to do special actions instead of dancing or waving.

Note: to perform these actions, the penguin must not be wearing anything else unless otherwise stated.

The penguin hovers above the ground (will still work if the penguin is walking a Green Puffle).

The penguin shakes maracas.

The penguin pulls out a jackhammer and drills the ground. (when using the Red Construction Hat, you will have a red drill, when using the Green Hard Hat, a 'forest' will appear.) (works with a Black Puffle, but not Flare)

The penguin does a hula dance.

The penguin tosses pizza dough.

The penguin pours a cup of coffee.

The penguin moves in a swimming motion.

  • Lasso (works with any cowboy/girl hat as well)

The penguin swings the lasso around.

The penguin waves a red cloth.

Wave and you can blow the whistle.

The penguin juggles balls.

Wave to hold up a sign that says "TOURS HERE". Also allows to give a tour.

Wave to hold up a sign that says "GO RED", "GO BLUE", "GO GREEN", or "GO YELLOW".

  • Any instruments

The penguin plays the instrument (works with the Marching Band Hat and a Music Jam T-shirt if the item is a guitar).

The penguin serves a scoop of ice cream.

  • Fire Fighter Jacket (works with Fire Fighter Hat on as well)

The penguin pours water from a hose.

Sit with it to start "fishing"

Wave to paddle the ball.

  • Referee Shirt

Wave to hold a sign that says GOAL

Wave to ring the bell.

Wave to hold energy ball.

Wave to take a picture.

  • Rescue Squad Helmet and Uniform

Wave to hold a sign that says RESCUE SQUAD. Works with First Aid Kit.

Wave to cross arms (works with Pharaoh Costume, Pharaoh Headdress and/or Mummy Costume)

Dance to pound on an anvil

Dance to pound on a golden anvil (works with the Ninja Mask as well)

  • Lifeguard Vest

Dance to move in a swimming motion (similar to the water wings and inflatable duck ring)

  • Soccer Ball (works with the soccer jerseys and cleats)

Dance to kick football/soccer ball.

Dance to Conduct(Notably, this is the first dance that has your penguin have their back to the screen)

Dance to paint (similar to conducting)

Dance to pour a chemical into a bottle, then it explodes. (Works with the rad scientist wig)

Makes music notes when dancing. (Works with other Clothes On.)

  • Book

Sit with a Book and your Penguin will read it. (Works with other Clothes On.)

Sit with a Laptop and your penguin will open it and use it. Similar to reading a Book. (Works with any clothes on)

  • Gong

Dance while holding a gong to hit it, making a low pitched noise

Dance to bake a cake.

  • Ninja Suit and ninja mask (works with amulet too)

Your penguin turns invisible

Wave to make a poof of smoke then your penguin turns invisible.

Makes penguin break dance. If wearing other items, penguin will dance regularly, but the boombox will still emit notes.

Dance to pour some Puffle-O's in a pet food container.

  • Rake

Dance to dig up the ground and make a flower appear. (Works with straw hat and overalls.)

Ghost Costume starts to glow.

Wave to look through the binoculars.

Dance to hover above the ground. If you're wearing a propeller cap you will see the both propeller cap spinning and the Jet Pack with fire.

  • Cowbell

Dance while holding a cowbell to hit it, making a low-pitched noise.

  • Tree costume

Wave to decorate the tree (works with any clothing)

If you wave, you will turn invisible in a burst of fire (Similar to the Cloud Bracer action). If you dance, it will hold fire in each flipper.

  • Guardian Dog Suit (Guardian Dog Hat, Guardian Dog Muzzle, Guardian Dog Outfit and Guardian Dog Feet)

If you wave, the Penguin will turn to stone.

If you dance, you will bring out a hose and pour water.

If you wave, you'll start filming.

If you dance, you will pull out a watering can that you swish from side to side.

If you dance, the lights on the shoes will flash orange rapidly.

If you dance, you will put the flag into the snow. (Works with Chilly Trek Hat)


In the Penguin Style catalog, there will be a special Job available. These Jobs can allow you to preform certain actions and will make Penguins play pretend. Sometimes, free items are released which can be used for the Jobs. Please note that they are not games and they will not earn you coins.


  • By Cheating, you can use one of these while wearing another item (i.e. Black hoodie, tuft wig, sunglasses, shoes, and a guitar). Please note that doing so is against the Club Penguin rules.
  • The Medieval Party and Music Jam have their own clothing catalogs.