Clam Waters

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Clam Waters is the part of the ocean surrounding Club Penguin Island players visit in the first level of Aqua Grabber and is the name of the sea to the island's left, near the Beach. This is where most clams are found. Players have to get an enormous grand pearl from the Giant Clam. There are other clams too, and one of them is holding a black pearl, the rare treasure. This sea is where Captain Rockhopper arrives.

Clam Waters

Unique characters[edit]

Big Bertha[edit]

Big Bertha is the area's guardian and holds a giant pearl. To take it out, players must first drop in the pearl-shaped rock which is in the bottom-right of the area and then put it on Big Bertha's tongue. Now you can take out the pearl. If players just take the pearl the clam will spit them out with almost a full supply of water leaked into the Aqua Grabber, possibly causing them to drown, and the pearl will still be in Giant Clam.
Where Clam Waters could be

The Small Clams[edit]

There are 5 clams in the level. They sleep and after 10 seconds, they wake up and look around. They hold small pearls, which players can take, but are not necessary. The only way to grab the pearl is to wait until the clam yawns. Otherwise players will scare the clam, which will then stay awake for a while. However, one randomly selected clam will have the secret treasure, the black pearl.


  • You can't get the Mullet or Fluffy in this ocean.