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Full Name Chester
Species Penguin
Position Actor
Appeared The Penguins That Time Forgot
The Vikings That Time Forgot
Color Green
Clothing Cheap Time Travel Hat
Related To Unknown
Friends With Kek
Meetable Character? No
Chester, Time Traveling

Chester is a stage character from the play, "The Penguins That Time Forgot". He was just an ordinary penguin until one day, he bought a strange hat and box from another penguin (for only ten coins), and took it back to his igloo.

Description of Chester and his actions from the Costume Trunk[edit]

Chester is a curious penguin with an eye for a bargain. One day he meets a penguin that offers him an invention -- a time machine consisting of a box and "special hat".

Chester takes the cobbly creation back to his igloo and steps into the box.

The rest is, as they say, is prehistory...

Chester's Adventure in Prehistoric Times[edit]

Upon Chester's arrival in the "Grub" in the time machine, he meets two cavemen, Kek and Critteroo. They are scared of the lava that is pouring down from a nearby volcano, which has erupted. Chester, however, cannot understand a single word they say. Then, he hears Critteroo say "LAVA" and tries to flee, but the time machine breaks. Chester is then stranded in the Grub (which is really Club Penguin's Town/Snow Forts back in time). He is then helped by Critteroo and Kek to fix the time machine.

Chester's Adventure in Viking Times[edit]

After Critteroo and Kek help fix the time machine he is sent into Viking times.


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