Cheese 3000

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The Cheese 3000 as seen in slide 3 of the comic Gary Needs a Holiday

The Cheese 3000 is an invention made by Gary the Gadget Guy in the comic Gary Needs a Holiday. It is actually just a slice of cheese with “3000” written on it with a black marker. The invention is not really an invention at all, according to the penguins in the comic. The cheese 3000 also appears on the 2008 version of the Gary Background.

Comic Text[edit]

The actual script from Gary Needs a Holiday.

  • Gary: Behold! My latest—and possibly greatest—invention yet! The CHEESE 3000!
  • A penguin: It looks like cheese.
  • Gary: Cheese 3000.
  • A penguin: (eats) It tastes like cheese.
  • Gary: And ink!


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