Celebration of Fire

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Celebration of Fire
Fire Dojo decorations.png

The Fire Dojo during the celebration.
Members only No
When November 23–27, 2009
Free Item(s) None
Mascot(s) None
Where Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout and Fire Dojo

The Celebration of Fire was an event in Club Penguin that celebrated the release of Card-Jitsu Fire. It lasted from November 23 to 27, 2009 when the Winter Party 2009 was released. The main room of the celebration was the Fire Dojo, although the Ninja Hideout and Dojo Courtyard had decorations too.

Card-Jitsu Fire[edit]

See main article: Card Jitsu Fire


Dojo Courtyard[edit]

The Dojo Courtyard is fully decorated:

  • Red lanterns hung everywhere
  • A red carpet to the Ninja Hideout
  • Fire Decorations everywhere
  • A video of Card Jitsu Fire

Ninja Hideout[edit]

The hideout is slightly decorated:

  • Fire decorations everywhere
  • A red carpet to the Fire Dojo

The Fire Dojo[edit]

The Fire Dojo is fully decorated:

  • Fire Decorations everywhere
  • Hot sauce bottles were everywhere
  • There was no directory or item description (It was shown when the "non-party" was over).
  • Red and Orange lanterns hung in the heights.
  • The hot sauce producer was covered by a curtain.
  • There were no mats (after one day there were).

Sensei's appearance[edit]

Sensei was located at the Fire Dojo when Card Jitsu Fire was released. This was the first time you met him in his Fire Suit.