Cave Expedition

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Cave Expedition
The Underwater during the Cave Expedition
Members only No
When January 22th - January 28, 2010
Free Item(s)

Miners Helmet
Amethyst Pin

Coral Reef Background
Catalog(s) Diving Catalog
Mascot(s) None
Where Underground
Preceded by
Holiday Party 2009
Succeeded by
Puffle Party 2010

The Cave Expedition is an activity that began on January 22, 2010 and ended on January 28, 2010. It was confirmed on the What's New Blog and the Club Penguin Times Issue #223. The point of the activity is to explore the caves and the underwater. The free items were a Miner's Helmet at the Mine and a hidden pin (The Amethyst Pin) that could be found if you dug all the pieces of it using the Jackhammer 3000 or the shovel. The expedition consists of four rooms: The Mine, The Mine Cave, the Hidden Lake and the Underwater (which is for members only). The caves have been opened again on March 15, 2010, assuming that they are safe. The rockslide had some unusual designs.


After the rockslide in January 2010, it was announced that an expedition would commence to search the new rooms, revealed by the rockslide. Starting on January 22nd, penguins could start the expedition in the Mine, where they could grab a free Miners Helmet. When in the Cave Mine, you had to find all four pieces of the Amethyst pin by using the Miner's Helmet or a shovel to dig. Once you found all four pieces of the pin, you would win it, as well as access to the Hidden Lake. Members could purchase the Deep Sea Diving Suit from the Hidden Lake, and enter the Underwater (although they didn't need the diving suit to enter the room) to get a Coral Reef Background. Non-members could only enter the Hidden Lake.

On January 28th, the entrance to the new rooms was closed again. The rooms were re-opened permanently in March after they were deemed safe.



Image Item Location Members only?
Miners Helmet.PNG Miners Helmet Mine No
Amethyst Pin.PNG Amethyst pin* Cave Mine No
CoralReefBackgroundIcon.PNG Coral Reef Background Underwater Yes

*=Only obtainable after you dig up all four quarters of it.


Members could purchase the Deep Sea Diving Suit for 50 coins from the Diving Catalog in the Hidden Lake.

What To Do[edit]

When you got inside of the Mine Cave, you would get your helmet out and start jackhammering. You would find a crystal piece each time. You had to move and jackhammer 4 times. Then, you would unlock the Hidden Lake, where you would find a Deep Sea Diving Suit for 50 coins (only for members). Go into the lake and you would see an entrance to the Underwater (only for members). Then, you would get the free Coral Reef Background and your expedition was done.