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Where Beside the Boiler Room and Mine, and underneath the Plaza.
Opened May 21st, 2006
Closed Still open.
Mini-Games None
ID 806
Tour Description
"Ever seen an underwater pool? Well now you have! You can swim laps... or enjoy the undersea life... that passes by the windows."
Were you looking for the Cave Mine or the Mountain Expedition Cave?

The Cave, is a secret area under the Snow Forts, Stadium, and the Plaza. It can be accessed from the green door in the Boiler Room, the manhole in the Plaza, the Mine Tunnels, and the EPF Spy Phone. The Cave has a swimming pool in it, which was featured in the Penguin Games.


Pin # Pin name Available from Available until
25 Teddy Bear Pin.PNGTeddy Bear pin February 2nd, 2007 February 16th, 2007
45 Spider Pin.PNGSpider pin October 26th, 2007 November 9th, 2007
55 Aqua Grabber Sub Pin.PNGAqua Grabber Sub pin February 29th, 2008 March 14th, 2008
66 Treble Clef Pin.PNGTreble Clef pin July 18th, 2008 August 1st, 2008
93 Dojo Lantern Pin.PNGDojo Lantern pin July 3rd, 2009 July 17th, 2009
131 Igloo Pin.PNGIgloo Pin August 26th, 2010 September 9th, 2010
174 PolarPawPrintPin.PNGPolar Paw Print pin August 24th, 2011 September 7th, 2011
200 ForestPin.PNGForest pin April 18th, 2012 May 2nd, 2012
232 HolidayCookiesPin.PNGHoliday Cookies pin December 26th, 2012 January 9th, 2013
235 ShootingStarPin.PNGShooting Star Pin February 6th, 2013 February 20th, 2013
269 SpaceCartPin.png Space Cart Pin February 19th, 2014 March 5th, 2014

Non-Game Activities[edit]

Swimming is a popular activity here. Along with the Cove, this is the only spot where penguins may enter the water. Occasionally, penguins will sit on the lifeguard chair to supervise the swimming.


  • Originally, there was a sign that said "NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY." Then, at the 2007 Summer Kickoff Party, a lifeguard chair was put there. When the party was over, the sign was removed, but the chair remained.
  • Fluffy The Fish and crabs occasionally swim by. You can see them through the windows. Not only one crab. Two can appear at a time, one up, other down.
  • Using the manhole entrance from the Plaza, you get the Underground stamp.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Caverna
French Grotte
Spanish Cueva
German Höhle
Russian N/A

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