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Cart Surfer
CartSurfer Logo.PNG

The game's logo.
Players 1
Minigame Location Mine
Date released June 6, 2006
Stamps awarded Yes (12)

Cart Surfer is a Club Penguin mini-game that can be played in the Mine. In Cart Surfer, you do various tricks and stunts to earn points, while riding a mine cart on a track. When the player finishes the game, they are directed to the Mine Shack. With the right combination of moves, Cart Surfer can be one of the fastest ways to earn coins in Club Penguin. In the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force version, you have to jump over rocks and duck to avoid obstacles. In a game where you don't crash, there will be 8 corners. In this game, 'surfing' means to stand up and ride the cart.


Cart Surfer was originally known as Cave Runner or Egyptian Cart Surfer. Cave Runner required you to ride around in a mine cart collecting coins. The game was to be played in top-view (eagle eye).[1] This version was scrapped when the idea to make Cart Surfer came.[citation needed] The music that was composed to accompany the game can be found here.

Cart Surfer was released in June 6, 2006. Stamps were released for Cart Surfer on October 4, 2010. Along with stamps, Black Puffles could also play with you.

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force version[edit]

Cart Surfer being played on a DS.

Cart Surfer in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is similar to the web version of Cart Surfer. You can play either by using the D-Pad or the stylus. Unlike the web version, there are two modes, Normal Mode and Extreme Mode. Normal Mode is the most similar to the web version with the classic obstacles. Extreme Mode introduces new obstacles such as fallen rocks, vertical tunnels and wooden planks. You cannot play Extreme Mode until you've built your own Mine Cart in Mission 6 to explore the mines.

There is a side-mission where you meet a pink penguin who is scared to play extreme mode. To convince the penguin that it's safe, you have to survive Extreme Mode.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.

The first time a trick is performed, the player receives a certain number of points. All the times that the same trick is performed in a row, only half the number of points is awarded. The only exception to this is the Rail Grind. You can take turns with the Rail Grind and the Surf as well as leaning.

Stunt Score Keys
Turn 10 (turn) [right arrow] or [left arrow]
Surf Turn 15-60 [right arrow] or [left arrow] while surfing
Rail Grind 20-90 [down arrow] and then [right arrow] or [left arrow]
Air Twist 80 - 40 [space] and then [right arrow] or [left arrow]
Back Flip 100 or 50 [down arrow], wait 1 second and then [space]
Free-as-a-Bird 50 or 25 [space] and then [up arrow]
Surf no score [up arrow], to stop surfing, [down arrow] to get down
Surf Jump 20 or 10 [space] (while surfing)
Hand stand 80 or 40 [up arrow], [up arrow]
Run on Rails 80 - 40 [down arrow], [down arrow]
Slam 30 - 15 [space], [down arrow]
Jump no score [space]
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Bug Tip:Alternate the Back Flip and any of the 80 scoring tricks to earn more coins. Also use Rail Grind for the turns.

Coin Earning Tips[edit]

The most efficient way to get coins on Cart Surfer is to alternate the Back flip and Air Twist, Hand Stand or Run on Rails: a 100 scoring stunt and any of the 80 scoring ones. Rail Grind is the highest scoring stunt for the turns. It also helps to crash a few times near the end, which gives the player more time to do tricks. When you lose a life you get the chance to get in about 2-3 moves in before the next turn so use your lives well and you can get an extra 540-840 points in cart surfer.

An efficient player can earn approximately 500 coins a game. If an efficient player also has every stamp for Cart Surfer, they can earn 1,000 coins.

Bug Tip:Crash in 2000, 3000 and 4000 points to have more time.



Name Description
Great Balance stamp Recover from a wobble.


Name Description
Cart Pro Stamp Earn 150 coins in one game.
Mine Marvel stamp Perform 10 tricks in the cart.
Mine Mission stamp Perform 10 tricks out of the cart.
Trick Master stamp Perform 14 different tricks.
Puffle Power stamp Recover from a wobble with a puffle.


Name Description
Cart Expert stamp Earn 250 coins in one game.
Mine Grind stamp Grind around 8 corners.
Surf's Up stamp Surf around 8 corners.
Flip Mania stamp Flip 20 times in a row without crashing.
Ultimate Duo stamp Perform 20 tricks with your puffle.


Name Description
Cart Master stamp Earn 350 coins in one game.


Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Surfe na Caçamba
French Surf des Mines
Spanish Carrito Surfero
German Karren-Skater
Russian Виражи

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