Cart Master stamp

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Cart Master
Available Yes
Type GamesCart Surfer
Difficulty Extreme
Members only? No
Stamp ID 210
How to obtain Earn 350 coins in one game

The Cart Master stamp is a stamp in Club Penguin. You must earn at least 350 coins/3500 points for score in one round of Cart Surfer to obtain this stamp. It was released on October 4th, 2010, under the Cart Surfer sub-section in the Stamp Book.


The best way to earn this amount is to keep repeating Back flip and Air Twist, Hand Stand or Run on Rails, Stunt with 100 points and 80 points. During turns, Rail Grind earn the most points for turns. Crash a few times (on purpose) as it will help to extend the game, giving more time to earn more points. It less likely to earn 350 coins if you don't crash. You can also use your Black Puffle to help you earn more points/coins.

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