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Card-Jitsu Logo
Players 2
Minigame Location Dojo
Ninja Hideout
Coffee Shop, Pizza Parlor and Snow Forts (During the Card-Jitsu Party 2011)
Card-Jitsu Mat (in igloo)
Date released November 17, 2008
Stamps awarded Yes (10)
:This article is about the first Card-Jitsu game, if you were looking for something else go to Card-Jitsu (disambiguation)

Card-Jitsu was a card game played in the Dojo (and in the Ninja Hideout). To get there, players need to go to the Dojo Courtyard and enter through either one of the doors (if you were a Ninja, go to the Dojo Courtyard, hover your mouse over the protruding stone wall on the left, and click on the door).

On their first visit, they must talk to the Sensei. He will explain what to do, as well as giving them a starter pack.

According to the Belts Legend, belts were earned faster if players use competition mode instead of playing on a mat. The belts rank from white belt to black belt (excluding the rank of ninja).

Since May 28, 2009, players could see their deck at the Dojo and Dojo Courtyard. They need to click on the three cards that were at the bottom-right angle of the screen.

Playing in Real Life[edit]

As well as appearing online, the game can also be played offline. On the first series, each packet of Card-Jitsu had 5 ordinary cards, 1 ordinary power card and 1 code card. If the card code was unlocked online, it would result in 3 ordinary and 1 special power card getting added into your collection. There were 94 cards to collect originally. The second series had 60 new types of cards and each packet contained 5 ordinary, 1 power, 1 customize your penguin card and 1 code card. Series 2 included a new golden ticket code which could only be found once in every eighteen packets. The third series had another 60 new cards added on and had the same amount of cards in every packet as series 2. The golden ticket name was renamed as a golden code card. It resulted in the Sensei appearing and giving you the next belt and 6 cards. 3 of which were power cards and the other 3 were ordinary ones.

Playing Online[edit]

A typical game of Card-Jitsu.

Once players have the Starter Pack from the Sensei, go to a mat, or talk to the Sensei and select Competition Mode (as mentioned before, competition mode was recommended as you get new belts quicker doing it). If they use a mat, they will have to wait for another player to come and play with them, which might take a while. If no one comes to your mat, switch to a busier server, or a match can also be found in under 10 seconds by speaking to the Sensei via Competition Mode.

The aim of the game was to beat opponents by collecting sets of winning Card-Jitsu cards. Only certain cards will beat others, via the form of Rock Paper Scissors. It has similarities to the card game Rummy in the sense that players were required to collect sets (known as "runs" in Rummy) to win. The game applies everyday elements and logic.

Once players have an opponent, they will be taken to the arena, and will bow to each other. They then have 20 seconds to choose a card. If they fail to choose a card, one will automatically be selected after 20 seconds. Once both players have chosen a card, they were revealed. Then winner keeps the card to help make a set. Remember that:

  • Fire beats Snow
  • Snow beats Water
  • Water beats Fire

However, in the event of similar types of cards being drawn, the card with the highest number wins. If the numbers also match, then no-one wins that round. Although there were lots of phenomena that can affect this, which explained in detail, later in the article.


There were two ways to win Card-Jitsu. Firstly, players can have the same type of card (such as Snow), but three in different colors, such as Red, Blue and Green. Alternatively, you can have one of each card, in different colors. You can also see how to win by mousing over the question mark "?" in a game.


When players win a round, your penguin might perform an action. They were as follows:

  • Snow: The player's penguin hits the opponent with a snowball.
  • Water: The player's penguin hits the opponent with a water balloon.
  • Fire: The player's penguin squirts hot sauce at the other penguin's feet.
  • Power Cards: What power cards do was decided by which power card it was.


For a list of cards and their special effects see Card-Jitsu Cards.

Earning Belts[edit]

After playing a certain number of games, players were rewarded with a belt:

Becoming a Ninja[edit]

To become a ninja, players must beat Sensei after winning a Black belt. But beating Sensei was difficult as he has cards never seen in the deck that he gives players. There were Level 11 cards and rare Level 12 cards which were rarely seen. Sensei also seems to be rigged as when played against him as he always picks the card that wins. However after players lose to him a few times (usually 5 or 6) he stops playing unfairly and they will have a chance to beat him.

In certain cases you were rewarded a belt regardless.



Name Description
Grasshopper stamp Begin your journey. Earn your white belt.
Elemental Win stamp Win a match with 3 different elements.


Name Description
Fine Student stamp Reach half way. Earn your blue belt.
Flawless Victory stamp Win without letting your opponent gain any cards.
One Element stamp Win a match with 3 cards of the same element.


Name Description
True Ninja stamp Prove your ninja skills. Earn your black belt.
Ninja Master stamp Defeat Sensei and become a Ninja.
Match Master stamp Win 25 matches.


Name Description
Sensei Card stamp See the Sensei Power Card.
Full Dojo stamp Score 9 cards before you win.


See Main Article: Tactics Guide for Card-Jitsu
  • Use Logic to try to beat your opponents. For example, if a player has one Fire-type and one Snow-type card, they would probably use a water-type card so you should use a snow type card. But if the penguin who was fighting with you was a high belt penguin, they know if they choose water and you choose snow you would win. So they choose Fire-type card to defeat your snow. This way it was better to choose a water-type card.
  • When fighting Sensei use Fire and Water back and forth to win easier. It won't always work but it will eventually. And if you do not have a water/fire card just use the same element you did last time, but don't use snow.
  • Most players of Card-Jitsu have developed "special techniques" to help them win almost every game. These tactics can vary from their starter card, to the last card, or which cards to playing a difficult situation.
  • Predicting your opponent's next move will help you greatly when playing Card-Jitsu. If they also predict your move, this was known as a "double-bluff", and can sometimes backfire onto you.
  • Typically you have a 1 and a half chance in winning a round. These chances increase under certain circumstances.
  • If you see the symbol at the top of the screen saying 9<->1, then always play a LOW numbered card. You now have a 2/3 chance in winning that round. Never use a power card during such a round because that'll be beaten easily.
  • If you were a person with a high belt (brown black etc.) and the person you're playing was or almost was the same belt as you,and you for example have two snow but no fire or water. It would be safe to pick a high snow because the other person thinks you will try to trick them, so they think it would be safe to pick water.
  • Most players try to win by getting a snow, fire, and water. Try to win by getting a three-of-a-kind.
  • A common method was to use 2 cards of a certain element. For an example, if they have 2 fire cards, they expect you to use water. You will have to use fire yourself. If you're the one tricking, double-fool them by using water.

Card-Jitsu Fire[edit]

See main article: Card-Jitsu Fire

Card-Jitsu Fire was a spin-off of Card Jitsu, heavily revolving around the fire element. It's actually held in the Volcano.

Card-Jitsu Water[edit]

Main article: Card-Jitsu Water

Card-Jitsu Water was a spin-off of Card Jitsu, heavily revolving around the water element. It was held in the Water Dojo.

Card-Jitsu Snow[edit]

Main article: Card-Jitsu Snow

Card-Jitsu Snow was the last spin-off of Card-Jitsu, taking place on a mountain. It was held somewhere northeast of the Snow Dojo. Unlike the other Card-Jitsu spin-offs, in this spin-off the player may earn coins.


  • Card-Jitsu was the only game (excluding the games from the Fall Fairs where you earn tickets) you can't get Coins from. You get belts instead.
  • Sometimes, at the start, you will see the "Earn Your Belts", "Challenge Sensei", And "Instructions" replaced with "This is a menu item!", which you will just see a glimpse of.
  • This was the only game in which you can unlock items to improve gameplay. All other game upgrades were bought online.
  • This was the only game where you get upgrades automatically.
  • Even if you weren't wearing belts if you played the game, you will wear the belt you were currently at.
  • If you were a ninja, your ninja mask won't appear during gameplay even thought your black belt will.
  • It was revealed in the Card-Jitsu Saga that Sensei did not create Card-Jitsu, he was just a master of it.
  • Sometimes, when someone joins you and the battle starts, a black penguin will appear from the mat, and will stand on it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Desafio-Ninja
French Card-Jitsu
Spanish Card-Jitsu
German Card-Jitsu
Russian Ниндзя-Карты