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There are many items on Club Penguin that are associated with ninjas or awarded to penguins when they play one of the Card-Jitsu games.

Card-Jitsu items[edit]

See main article: Card-Jitsu Belts

In the game Card-Jitsu, you are awarded colored belts as your skills progress. You start by getting a White Belt when you talk to Sensei in the dojo for the first time. After that, you must win a certain number of battles to get a new belt and become one step closer to becoming a ninja (to see how many battles you must win, look here).

After you earn a Black Belt (the final belt), you can battle Sensei. If you beat him, he will give you a Ninja Mask, which makes you an official Ninja. Although it is not necessary, many penguins also purchase the Ninja Outfit and Cloud Wave Bracers from the Martial Artworks catalog after they become a ninja.

Card-Jitsu Fire items[edit]

See main article: Fire Suit

In Card-Jitsu Fire (much like Card-Jitsu), you are awarded items as you progress towards mastering the element of fire. There are four items to wear, which all contribute to your Fire Suit. After you earn all four items in the suit, you can win a battle against Sensei and earn the Fire Gem for your Amulet.

Card-Jitsu Water items[edit]

See main article: Water Suit

In Card-Jitsu Water (much like Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire), you are awarded items as you progress towards mastering the element of Water. It is basically the same system to obtain items, accept you are earning items for your Water Suit and the Water Gem.

Card-Jitsu Snow items[edit]

See main article: List of Card-Jitsu Snow items

The amount of items and way to earn the items in Card-Jitsu Snow is very different from the past three Card-Jitsu games. In this game, there are more than 20 items you can obtain by winning Card-Jitsu Snow bettles. However, there are still four main items that make up your Snow Suit. After you earn all of the items, you must win a battle against Tusk to earn your Snow Gem (and Tusk's Cloak).

Card-Jitsu Cards[edit]

Card-Jitsu cards are the most important part of earning ninja items and playing the four games. When you speak to Sensei in the Dojo, Fire Dojo and Water Dojo for the first time, he would give you the Starter Deck, Fire Booster Deck and Water Booster Deck, respectively. After you are a fire and water ninja, Sensei will talk to you in the Dojo Courtyard and give you a Snow Starter Deck. Each of those beginner decks have 10 cards in them.

From 2008-2012, you could obtain more Card-Jitsu cards by purchasing Card-Jitsu cards in real life and using the code included to unlock online cards. With each normal code card you would unlock four (4) cards. However, there were also rare "Golden code cards", which would unlock cards or put you up one level by giving you another item towards your goal. Club Penguin stopped making Card-Jitsu cards in real life around 2011, so when Card-Jitsu Snow was released they made it possible to buy Card-Jitsu cards from the Martial Artworks catalog.

Martial Artworks[edit]

See main article: Martial Artworks

Martial Artworks is an exclusive catalog only available to ninjas. It sells many Card-Jitsu related items such as the Hand Gong, Dojo Igloo, Ninja Outfit and Card-Jitsu cards.