Card-Jitsu Snow

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Card-Jitsu Snow

The logo for Card-Jitsu Snow
Players 3
Minigame Location Snow Dojo
Date released February 28, 2013 (Beta)
May 23, 2013 (full release)
Stamps awarded Yes (21)

Card-Jitsu Snow is a spin-off of Card-Jitsu and similar to Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water. The game was confirmed by Spike Hike in a tweet, where he provided an image to an area entitled "CJ Snow". He also states that it will be released in 2013.[1][2] In Card-Jitsu Snow, Power Cards are the only cards that the player is able to use [3]. The Beta Testing for the game started on February 28, 2013. On June 5th 2013, Spike Hike announced on a blog post that Card-Jitsu Snow was coming to the My Penguin app. [4]

Gameplay (beta version)[edit]

Before the game starts, the player must choose an element to represent (Fire, Water or Snow) and wait for 2 players to fill the remaining spaces.
The game is set on a snow field atop a mountain, divided in a grid of 5X9 titles (much like a chessboard). The players are placed on the left side of the board, while the villains are placed on the right side of the board. If a title is colored blue, the player can move to it. The players must advance through the field, trying to get as close as possible to the villains to attack and eliminate them.
The player can also use Power Cards (obtained after a number of moves) to cause more damage to the enemies.
If a player's life bar drops to 0, he/she won't be able to move/attack until it recovers some energy or if another player helps them. If the villains' bar drops to 0, it will disappear.
If all the villains are eliminated, the players advance to the next round. On the Beta version, there are 3 rounds and a bonus round, which is unlocked if the players win the 3rd round. If a player were to win the bonus round, they'd also win a Snow Beta Hat.

Game Tips[edit]

The Ninjas are all useful for different things:

  • Water for combat.
  • Fire for combat.
  • Snow for combat and healing.

The ninjas are also equal to snow minions, from strongest to weakest:

In the Tusk level, Sensei acts as a secondary Ninja.



Image Name ID Description
FireNinjaStamp470.PNG Fire Ninja stamp 471 Win 3 Rounds as a Fire Ninja.
WaterNinjaStamp.PNG Water Ninja stamp 471 Win 3 Rounds as a Water Ninja.
SnowNinjaStamp.PNG Snow Ninja stamp 469 Win 3 Rounds as a Snow Ninja.


Image Name ID Description
ReviveStamp.PNG Revive stamp 474 Revive a ninja.
3 Ninja ComboStamp.PNG 3 Ninja Combo stamp 467 Play a Power Card in the same turn as all ninjas.
Upandat 'emStamp.PNG Up and at 'em stamp 475 Get revived and still win the battle.
HugeHealStamp.PNG Huge Heal stamp 478 Heal all ninjas with 1 Snow Power Card.
SnowShieldStamp.PNG Snow Shield stamp 479 Play a Snow Power Card combo in the same turn as a ninja.
WaveBoostStamp.PNG Wave Boost stamp 481 Play a Water Power Card in the same turn as a ninja.
PowerCardProStamp.PNG Power Card Pro stamp 484 Play 3 Power Cards in a battle.
SnowProStamp.PNG Snow Pro stamp 467 Earn the gem. Finish over half of your Snow journey.


Image Name ID Description
4NinjaCombo.PNG 4 Ninja Combo stamp 468 Play a Power Card in the same turn as all ninjas & Sensei.
TeamRevivalStamp.PNG Team Revival stamp 476 Win after all ninjas have fallen and been revived.
Heal15Stamp.png Heal 15 stamp 478 Heal a ninja 15 times in a battle.
TidalWaveStamp.PNG Tidal Wave stamp 480 Damage 3 Snow Minions with 1 Water Power Card.
FireBlastStamp.PNG Fire Blast stamp 482 Blast 3 Snow Minions with 1 Fire Power Card.
FireBlastComboStamp.PNG Fire Blast Combo stamp 483 Blast 3 Snow Minions with 1 Fire Power Card in a Combo.
3CombosStamp.PNG 3 Combos stamp 485 Play 3 Power Card Combos in a battle.


Image Name ID Description
FullHealthStamp.PNG Full Health stamp 472 Reach a Full Health Bonus Round.
BonusWinStamp.PNG Bonus Win stamp 473 Defeat all Snow Minions in a Bonus Round.
FinalBattleStamp.PNG Final Battle stamp 486 Defeat the master of Snow.


Artwork In-game sprite Stats Special Abilities
CJS-WaterNinja.PNG CJS-WaterNinjaSprite.PNG
  • Power: 10 damage
  • Range: 1 space
  • Move: 3 spaces
  • Power Card: Double damage to enemies.
  • Combo: Power up to do extra damage on your next exit.
CJS-SnowNinja.PNG CJS-SnowNinjaSprite.PNG
  • Power: 5 damage
  • Range: 4 spaces
  • Move: 3 by 4 spaces
  • Heal: Boost a ninja's health by 6.
  • Power Card: Damage enemies and boost a ninja's health by 10.
  • Combo: Shield all ninjas from next attack.
CJS-FireNinja.PNG CJS-FireNinjaSprite.PNG
  • Power: 8 damage
  • Range: 2 spaces
  • Move: 3 by 3
  • Power Card: Damage and stun enemies.
  • Combo: Damage enemies for 3 turns.


Sneak Peeks[edit]

Beta Testing[edit]




  • This is the first Card-Jitsu game to reward coins.
  • It is the first Card-Jitsu game to have ninjas working together rather than against each other.
    • This also makes it the first Card-Jitsu game to have villains.
  • Card-Jitsu Snow has more rewards than the other games. As well as the snow ninja suit, it rewards additional items and videos from the Card-Jitsu Saga that explain Sensei's past.
  • This is the first Card-Jitsu game to allow penguins to choose an element.
  • This is the first Card-Jitsu game that is not a card battler: instead, it is an RPG.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Desafio-Ninja Neve
French Card-Jitsu Neige
Spanish Card-Jitsu Nieve
German Card-Jitsu Schnee
Russian Ниндзя-Карты Снег