Candytron 3000

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Candytron 3000
Candy Pizzatron.PNG

Players 1
Minigame Location Pizza Parlor
Date released February 26, 2007
Stamps awarded Yes (3)
The lever

The Candytron 3000 (known as the Cookietron 3000 on the Club Penguin app) is a secret level hidden in the Pizzatron 3000 minigame located in the Pizza Parlor. This mode removes typical pizza ingredients in favor of candy-related ingredients, though it still keeps the same basic principle of the game, which is to make pizzas.

To bring up the secret level, click on the red button/lever closest to the right, and you should see that it has a small red arrow pointing to a small picture of a pizza above it. Next to the pizza, there will be another little picture. This time, however, the picture is of what appears to be a piece of individually wrapped hard candy. Switch on the red lever, press start, and you should have accessed the secret level.

The Candytron 3000 was made by Gary, as it is a part of the Pizzatron 3000.

Differences from Pizzatron[edit]

The main difference between the two games is that on the Pizzatron 3000, you get five coins for each pizza you make, but on the Candytron 3000, you get ten coins per pizza.


  • It was released during the Halloween Party 2007.
  • When you try to find your buddy when they are playing Candytron 3000, it says he/she is making pizzas.
  • Jelly Bean Counters is similar to Candytron 3000, because they are both secret candy-versions of games that involve food.
  • 3 of the stamps in the Pizzatron 3000 page are stamps for this game.

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