Cadence's Autograph

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Cadence's Autograph
Available No
Type Background
Member item No
Party Dance-A-Thon
Penguin Play Awards
Music Jam 2009
Music Jam 2011
Fashion Show
Cost Free
Where found When meeting Cadence.
Item ID(s) 9015
Not to be confused with the Cadence Background.

Cadence's Autograph is a background in Club Penguin. It was originally only available to members, but penguins with expired memberships can still use the background. You can only get it when Cadence is waddling around Club Penguin. It features Cadence, near the Dance Contest table, with her signature in the corner.


Cadence's Autograph is a popular item during parties when Cadence can be met.

Release history[edit]

Party Available from Available until
Dance-A-Thon January 15, 2009 January 20, 2009
Penguin Play Awards 2009 March 20, 2009 April 9, 2009
Music Jam 2009 July 17, 2009 July 26, 2009
Penguin Play Awards 2010 March 18, 2010 March 29, 2010
Puffle Party 2011 February 17, 2011 February 28, 2011
Music Jam 2011 June 16, 2011 July 5, 2011
Fashion Show February 2, 2012 February 15, 2012


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Autógrafo da Cadence
French L'Autographe de Cadence
Spanish Autógrafo de Cadence
German Cadence Autogramm
Russian Автограф Каденс


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