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The Cactus in Card-Jitsu.

Cacti, or Cactus, are a type of flora found on Club Penguin Island. They are green in color and covered in sharp quills. They are said to have not grown in Club Penguin, but were somehow imported from a nearby tropical island, such as Rockhopper Island. They come in two sizes; small and large.


  • Both sizes of cacti are used as furniture items.
  • They were seen during both Fiesta Parties, as well as both Western Parties. They were also in the Forest on the country themed stage during the first 4 Music Jam Parties.
  • They are used in a power card attack in Card-Jitsu.
  • They appeared as an egg during the 2008 Easter Egg Hunt.
  • There was once a Cactus Pin.
  • There was a cactus in the Book Room, but it got removed during the update in 2012.
  • They appear in Puffle Launch.


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