CP Airliner

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CP Airliner
Available No
Party None
Cost 1200 coins
Igloo ID 70
The CP Airliner is an igloo in Club Penguin. Members were able to buy it from the Furniture & Igloo Catalog for 1200 coins. Using this igloo was putting it on the CP Air Flights list during the Muppets World Tour.


The CP Airliner made its debut in the March 2014 Furniture & Igloo Catalog. It is currently a common igloo.

Release history[edit]

Catalog Available from Available until
Furniture & Igloo Catalog February 12, 2014 June 11, 2014
Igloo Catalog June 30, 2015 August 5, 2015
Furniture & Igloo Catalog August 5, 2015 September 2, 2015


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Aeronave da CP Air
French L'Igloo Air CP
Spanish Avión de Aero CP
German CP-Flugzeug
Russian Авиалайнер А\/К "Клуб пингвинов"