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Johnny Jansen
Businesmoose player card.png

Businesmoose's normal player card

Full Name Johnny Jansen
Position Former Club Penguin moderator/blogger
Club Penguin Video Department
Worked at Club Penguin 2007 - April 2013
Penguin Businesmoose

Johnny Jansen (commonly known as Businesmoose) is a former Club Penguin staff member who made most of his appearances in Club Penguin videos. He was most commonly seen wearing the Zeus the Moose Head, Big Brow, Black Tie, Black Suit, and Black Dress Shoes; which was where his penguin name came from.


Jansen joined Club Penguin in 2007. It is unknown when he became a Club Penguin staff member, but he became well-known in 2012 when he and fellow staff member Polo Field were announced to be taking the places of retiring staff members Billybob and Happy77. He left Club Penguin in April 2013 and was replaced by Ninja. He now works for Mech Mice (a game created by Rsnail, who is also a retired Club Penguin moderator) under the name MechMoose.


Appearance in Club Penguin[edit]

Twitter Icons[edit]


  • Businesmoose can play the drums.
  • He has over 1100 buddies.
  • He created "Moose Mondays", an event on Mondays where would say his location on Club Penguin so other penguins could get a chance to meet him. This was similar to "Spike Saturday" and "Field Friday".
  • He is in the music video "Cool In The Cold".