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An O-Berry Bush.
A Normal bush.

Bushes are a type of flora in Club Penguin. There are two kinds of bushes: fruitful bushes and normal bushes. Most of these bushes are seen in the Forest, Cove, and the Ski Village, or in The Wilderness (during Secret Missions).

Normal bushes[edit]

The normal bushes are almost everywhere on Club Penguin Island; especially in remote locations. They are green in color. As said above, they are located in the Cove, Forest, and behind the Ski Lodge. Also, many of these bushes can be seen at the Dojo Courtyard and in the Ninja Hideout. There are now bushes by the Cozy Cottage.

Fruitful bushes[edit]

Fruitful bushes look the same as normal bushes, but they have O-Berries on them and are slightly greener. They can be found in the wilderness.


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