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The Buddy List is a list of all your buddies, which can be accessed by clicking the button with the two penguins (formely yellow smiley face) on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The buddy button (formely the smiley button) is the third from the left on the right side of the toolbar. It was recently updated along with several other updates.


Buddy lists show all your buddies in alphabetical order. Note that buddies only appear online if they are on the same server as you. Before the new buddy list, the friend limit was 100. If a penguin is online, regardless of the alphabetical order, they will be at the top of the buddy list, along with a picture of their penguin to their name. If two or more online buddies are on your server, they will then by sorted by alphabetical order. Now you can have unlimited buddies.

Add/Remove Buddy[edit]


If you want to add a buddy, click on their player card and press the button with the two penguins (formely yellow smiley face) on it. When it add you, a message will appear.



The Find button is to help show where or what your friend is doing, even though he might be on another server or offline. The button appears as a question mark. This button only works if the penguin is online.

Visit Igloo[edit]


You can visit your buddy's igloo, via clicking the igloo button (formerly house) on their player card. The advantage of this is that you can visit their igloo while they're offline too.

Users in Room[edit]

The Users in Room section shows a list of penguins that are in the same room you are in. The names are in alphabetical order. Famous Penguins like Rockhopper or Cadence will have a smiley face on their avatar area. This feature has been deleted.

Ignore list[edit]


Main article: Ignore List

The Ignore List is the counterpart to the Buddy List. Although the same limitations apply, the ignore list isn't as popular as the buddy list. People who are ignored (via their player card) will appear on the list. You can wish to un-ignore them from here. Ignoring a player also means you will not be able to receive any messages or postcards from them and it also makes their penguin disappear.

Best Friend[edit]

By clicking the blue star looking object on the top left corner will make the player your best friend. To remove a best friend just click the yellow star and it will turn into a blue one again. Best friends will appear before normal ones.


  • Once Club Penguin was updated after the CPIP testing, there was a glitch that allowed more than the limit of buddies. The glitch is now fixed.
  • When more than one buddy is uploaded to your Buddy List at the same time, the second name and the others after that may be shown as 'undefined'.
  • Sometimes when you see the buddy icon beside a server and you click to find him or her, it will say " -Name- is now offline "
  • Most penguins' friend list gets broken. It wasn't fixed yet.



  • From November 2005 to February 2006 a player could have up to 300 buddies.
  • There used to be a 100 buddies limit until Club Penguin updated the buddy list and added notifications for your puffle.

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