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An old buddy list.

A Buddy is a penguin that another penguin has added to their Buddy List because they are friends with each other. The word "buddy" is just a different way of saying "friends", as most online games have a "friend" status rather than a buddy status.

Players can ask to be someone's buddy by clicking on the other penguin's player card, then clicking on the smiley face on the bottom left of their Player Card. A pop-up box appears, which has two options: Yes and No. By clicking yes, one will become their buddy. Clicking no means you do not wish to be their buddy, and thus, they are not added to your buddy list. An envelope appears when they have answered your request. The limited allowance of buddies is 100, but there was a glitch that allowed players to have even more buddies, although it is now fixed by the Club Penguin Team. If a person deletes you from their buddy list, they will also be removed from your buddy list as well.

An update on October 28th, 2011 increased the buddy limit to 500 and made it possible to add Famous Penguins.


See main article: Buddy List

Becoming a buddy of another penguin is a useful thing. Players can locate where their buddy is by clicking on their player card (via the buddy list), then clicking on the "Find" button. Buddies are represented by smiley faces while choosing which server to enter when logging in. When a server has a Smiley Face rather than the default blue neutral face, it means a buddy is online on said server. However, it is not possible to discuss with buddies between servers, only directly within a room. However, Billybob has mentioned on the What's New Blog that they are working on a way to create this function.

Famous Penguin Buddies[edit]

On Rockhopper, Gary, The Penguin Band, Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Sensei or Rookie's player card, there is an "Add Buddy" icon. And, there is an icon which gives out a free background. The button looks like a cardboard box. About two years ago, if players clicked on Rockhopper's button, players would get a free eyepatch, but that stopped shortly before Rockhopper's free item was an eyepatch. Rockhopper once stated that if players have received his background, they were on his buddy list although players cannot see where he is or when he is on, contrary to a player's normal friends.


  • The buddy limit increased to 300 in November 2005, but it was removed a few days later because it made the servers slower.
  • The famous penguins used to have a winking face instead of a cardboard box before it was changed.
  • Due to cheaters, anyone can add you as a buddy even if they are full.
  • Another glitch occurred in 2007, early 2009, and 2010, when you could have more buddies than 100, it was soon fixed.
  • You can add up to 500 friends as of October 2011.

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