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Bonus Game Room
Where In the Snow Forts, right to the Stadium
Opened September 26, 2008
September 4, 2009
September 3, 2010
September 21, 2011
September 19, 2012
Closed October 6, 2008
September 14, 2009
September 13, 2010
October 4, 2011
October 3, 2012
Mini-Games Puffle Soaker, Balloon Pop
ID 899
Tour Description
"This is the Bonus Games Room! Earn even more tickets to trade for prizes! Try a round of Puffle Soaker... or test your skills in Balloon Pop."

The Bonus Game Room (formerly known as the Arcade Circle) was a room added on September 26, 2008, during the Fall Fair 2008 (only for members). It contains two games, "Puffle Soaker" and "Balloon Pop". It also had in 2008 a prize booth with items only for full members. The items at the Prize Booth at the Arcade Circle were a Teddy Bear, a Candy Apple, and a pair of Giant Yellow Sunglasses.

At The Fair 2009, it was renamed the Bonus Game Room and was available to non-members. This was also the case in 2010. The room also made appearances at The Fair 2011 and The Fair 2012.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Jogolândia
French Salle des Jeux Bonus
Spanish Super sala de juegos
German Bonus-Raum
Russian N/A