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Blue Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Blue.png
Available Yes
Attitude Loyal, content, team player, mild-tempered.
Member only No
Favorite toys Bouncy balls and snowballs
Favorite food Pretzel
Play action Bouncy Ball: Bounces a bouncy ball on its head multiple times before balancing it on its "nose".
Small Beachball: Rolls a beachball along the ground back and forth.
Dance Bounces up and down.
Speed Second Slowest Puffle (In Puffle Roundup)
Special features Loyal and easy to care for.
Elite Puffle Items Wears a Beanie when throwing snowballs, it juggles the snowballs on its head as it tosses them.
Favorite Games Playable in Puffle Launch and Pufflescape
ID 750
Color Scheme
body tongue

The Blue Puffle is a variant of puffle that has deep sky-blue fur and a bright purple tongue. It is considered the most iconic puffle in Club Penguin, often considered a representative of the puffle species as a whole, and is one of the most commonly owned puffle variants. The Blue Puffle was also one of the first four puffles to be available for adoption, and was the first puffle available for non-members. One notable blue puffle is the Elite Puffle, Bouncer. There was a collectable Blue Puffle Pin from February 10 to February 24.

The Blue Puffle is a very basic puffle, being one of just two puffles that non-members can adopt. It has very basic animations, such as simply bouncing when it dances, as opposed to the Purple Puffle, who spins, smiles, and hops around in its dance animation. Like Brown Puffles, White Puffles, Orange Puffles and Rainbow Puffles, it currently cannot join penguins in any of the games, however they are playable, along with all of the other puffle variants except rainbow, in Puffle Launch and Pufflescape.

Puffle Handbook Information[edit]


"They're known for their awesome team work. Few realize that each week they eat their weight in cookies."

Interesting Facts[edit]

According to the Puffle Handbook, blue puffles have been observed to rally teams together in the wild. It also states that cookies and milk are the blue puffle's favorite snack and that their favorite place on Club Penguin Island is the Snow Forts.


Bath: When a blue puffle bathes, it first jumps into a blue bathtub filled with water. It then cleans itself with a sponge. After that, it hops out of the tub and promptly shakes itself dry.

Hairbrush: The blue puffle's hair is brushed by a hairbrush, so that its fur slightly curls up on both sides of its body. It shakes its fur back to normal afterwards.

Sleep: It closes its eyes and "Z"'s form above its head as it falls asleep. It then wakes up.

Bubble Gum: It chews a stick of bubble gum and blows a small bubble. The bubble then pops and the blue puffle sucks it back in its mouth; it then smiles revealing the gum all over its teeth.


"Run Away" Postcard: A blue puffle sits on a beachball while holding a hobo stick. The message reads: "Bouncing back to the Wild. Bye!"

"Come See My Puffle" Postcard: Three blue puffles are playing in an igloo. One blue puffle bounces on a beach ball, as another one cuddles a similar beach ball to the right. In the back, the third blue puffle drinks water from a sipper water bottle. The message reads: "Come see my blue puffle!"

Puffle Item Compatibilities[edit]

Item Dislikes Okay Loves
O-Berry - -
Cookie - -
Bubble Gum - -
Carrots - -
Pizza - -
Cake - -
Cheese - -
Apple - -
Walk - -
Bath - -
Brush - -
Rest - -
Blue Earmuffs - -
Candy Cane Cap - -
Crown - -
Gear Hat - -
Headphones - -
Jester Hat - -
Mini Squid Lid - -
Pink Bow - -
Pirate Hat - -
Princess Cap - -
Sombrero (Puffle Hat) - -
Tiara (Puffle Hat) - -
All-Star Curls - -
Disco Dome - -
Franken Hat - -
Gold Viking Helmet - -
Heavy Metal Hair - -
Jingle Jangle Hat - -
Jolly Roger Bandanna - -
Night Cap ? ? ?
Pharaoh Hat - -
Princess Braid ? ? ?
Sherwood Hat - -
Snowflake Helmet - -
Sundae Swirl - -
Surf Swoop ? ? ?
The Big Bang - -
The Overgrown - -
The Rad Scientist - -
The Scene-Stealer ? ? ?
Top Hat - -
Knight Helmet ? ? ?
Shock of Hair ? ? ?
Turquoise Toque ? ? ?
Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat - -


Blue Puffle in-game[edit]



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Famous Blue Puffles[edit]


  • Blue Puffles seem to have a common interest in round objects such as beach balls, exercise balls, snowballs, etc.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Azul
French Le Puffle Bleu
Spanish Puffle celeste
German Blauer Puffle
Russian N/A


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Puffle Hotel[edit]


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