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Blast the Puffle.png
Full Name Blast
Species Puffle
Position Elite Puffle
Appeared Elite Penguin Force Games, Puffle Launch (application)
Color Red
Clothing None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Other Elite Puffles, Yarr
Meetable Character? No

Blast is a Red Puffle and one of the Elite Puffles. He has the ability to shoot himself out of a cannon while wearing a helmet (hinted by his name). This allows him to break through heavy objects (mostly wooden crates), and in Elite Mission 13, hit robots. He also was in the Exclusive Christmas Book: Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic along with the other Elite Puffles. To train him, you must use him to blow up a crate. He was trained by Agent PH. He appeared alongside Agent PH in Issue #280 of The Club Penguin Times. He is located on her shoulder.



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