Blacksmith Apron

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Blacksmith Apron
Blacksmith Apron.PNG
Available No
Type Body Item
Member item Yes
Party None
Cost 100 coins
Where found Penguin Style
Item ID(s) 798
:Not to be confused with the Goldsmith Apron.

The Blacksmith Apron is a body item in Club Penguin. It costs 100 coins and is only available to members. When dancing with no other clothes on, you hammer an anvil. Similar items are the Goldsmith Apron and most other Aprons. The difference between this apron and the Goldsmith Apron is that the Goldsmith Apron is black instead of brown, and it hammers a golden anvil rather than a normal anvil.


The Blacksmith Apron was released in the May 2008 Penguin Style catalog as the "Penguins at Work" item. It was re-released in the May Penguin Style catalog from 2009-2012 as the "Penguins at Work" item due to the Medieval Parties. Since there was no Medieval Party in May 2013, the Blacksmith Apron didn't return; however, it did return in September for the "Blacksmith at Work" due to the Medieval Party 2013 (which was the first ever Medieval Party to not take place in May). This item is currently a common and popular item, mainly due to the recent "Blacksmith Force" skits from Waddle On! The only time that the apron has been noticeably popular is during Medieval Parties.

Release history[edit]

Catalog Available from Available until
Penguin Style May 2, 2008 June 6, 2008
May 1, 2009 June 5, 2009
May 6, 2010 June 3, 2010
May 5, 2011 June 2, 2011
May 2, 2012 May 31, 2012
September 4, 2013 October 2, 2013


The Blacksmith Force logo.
  • The Blacksmith Apron appears in a few skits in Waddle On! with the so-called "Blacksmith Force". Penguins wearing this apron (along with penguins wearing the Goldsmith Apron, known as the "Goldsmith Force") repair broken items such as a balloon or guitar.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Avental de Ferreiro
French Le Tablier de Forgeron
Spanish Delantal de herrero
German Schmiedeschürze
Russian Фартук ювелира

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