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Lane Merrifield
Lane Merrifield.png

Full Name Lane Merrifield
Position Moderator
Worked at Club Penguin 2005—February 3, 2013
Penguin Billybob
Waddle On!
— Billybob

Lane Merrifield is a well-known Club Penguin moderator, CEO and blogger who often posts news on the official Club Penguin What's New Blog. His catchphrase is "Waddle On!", as seen on almost all of his blog posts. When on Club Penguin as Billybob, he can very often be found wearing the Green Letterman Jacket and/or the Green Ball Cap. On October 17, 2012 it was announced that Lane had left Club Penguin,[1] but he stayed and helped out until February 3, 2013. Despite his retirement, he was a guest on an episode of The Spoiler Alert.


Life before penguins[edit]

Lane was born on November 29[2], 1979, which makes him currently 35 years old. Sometime before meeting Lance Priebe he worked at Disneyland in the United States.

Making Club Penguin[edit]

He is one of the three co-founders of Club Penguin, along with Lance Priebe (rsnail) and Dave Krysko.

After Beta Testing[edit]

Lane worked at Club Penguin from 2005 until February 2013; October 2012 officially.



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