Big Wigs

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Big Wigs

The last Big Wigs edition
Date released October 13, 2007
Location Gift Shop
Sells Wigs
Available No
Updates Bimonthly

Big Wigs was the name of the catalog in the Gift Shop available from October 12, 2007 to January 4, 2009. It featured wigs and would change every two months. It merged with Penguin Style in January 2009, meaning that the catalog only lasted for a little more than one year.


In October 2007, Club Penguin announced that they would be bringing out a new way to dress up a penguin. There was a lot of speculation over what the new way would be, but eventually the team gave hints on the blog that it would be wigs. Not everyone liked this. Soon after wigs were released, there was a poll in the Penguin Times if wigs should stay or go. The majority voted "yes", therefore, wigs could be bought in the Big Wigs catalog, located at the Gift Shop.

On January 4, 2008, a new Big Wigs catalog was introduced, adding two new wigs.

In November 2008, it was announced in the catalog that it will be integrated into the Penguin Style catalog. During early January 2009, the new catalogue was released, but the Big Wigs catalog was no longer available. This also meant the wigs would disappear faster because Big Wigs catalogs would change every 2 months.