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The Giant Clam, as seen in Aqua Grabber.

The giant clam is the biggest clam known to penguins and a member of the Guardian duo, along with the Giant Pufferfish.

It only appears in Aqua Grabber Level 1 (Clam Waters) as the keeper of the Grand Pearl, a valuable object that is needed to pass that level. If the player grabs the Grand Pearl, The Giant Clam would suck the player's penguin in, then sneeze the player's penguin out to the possible destruction of the Aqua Grabber if their submarine ran out of air. The only way to steal its pearl is to drop a "pearl-shaped rock" into its mouth, and then steal the Grand Pearl. Its name is 'Big Bertha'.

Other appearances[edit]

  • There is a clam furniture item.
  • The clam in Sushi Drop is a smaller version of the Big Bertha.


  • The giant clam seems to be allergic to either penguins, poultry, birds, metal, fuel, or oil. Its true allergy is unknown; all that is known is that it sneezes penguins out with little air left in the sub.
  • The giant clam can create an unlimited amount of grand pearls.

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