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Furniture Catalog

The last edition of Furniture Catalog.
Date released Before September 2005.
Location Player's
Sells Furniture
Available No
Updates Monthly

The Furniture Catalog (formerly known as Better Igloos) is Club Penguin's igloo furniture catalog. It is a new catalog that comes out once a month with new furniture items. However, only members have access to buy furniture. After a few months, a group of items are put in the clearance section and removed the next month. Each new catalog usually contains hidden secret items that are revealed by clicking on certain areas in the catalog's pages.

Since puffles started to play with their furniture, the Love Your Pet Catalog removed all non-puffle items and turned them into furniture items in the Furniture Catalog.

In the August–September 2010 Better Igloos catalog, penguins were given the option to customize furniture in the Create Your Furniture section of the catalog. However, similar to custom t-shirts, all that can be changed are color and character; there's a set furniture design that can't be modified.

The Furniture Catalog is usually released in the middle of each month.

On January 2014, it was fused with the Igloo Catalog creating the Furniture & Igloo Catalog. They were split back on June 30, 2015. However, they were merged again on the next month.



Better Igloos[edit]

Furniture Catalog[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Iglu Doce Iglu (2008-2013)
Iglu Novo em Folha (only in April 2013)
Iglu & Cia (2014-Current)
French Côté Igloo (2009-2011)
Catálogo de muebles (2012-2013)
Catalogue d'Igloos et de Mobilier (2014-Current)
Spanish Decora tu iglú (2009-2011)
Catálogo de muebles (2012-2013)
Catálogo de muebles e iglús (2014-Current)
German Schönere Iglus (2011)
Möbel-Katalog (2012-2013)
Mobel- & Iglu-Katalog (2014-Current)
Russian Каталог мебели и домиков


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