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The Beta Hat.

Beta Testing was when people signed up to help fix the bugs in the beta version of Club Penguin and report them so the Club Penguin Team could fix them. People who signed up are called Beta Testers, also known as Betas.

Before Club Penguin was publicly launched, the team held a party to thank Beta Testers, in which the yellow and pink party hat was given out at the Town. After the Beta ended, testers were rewarded by receiving 2,000 coins, one month of paid membership, and also got to keep the Party Hat.

Most Beta Testers have names like “fano” or “JaMeS” that have a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters. However, when Club Penguin launched the CPIP test server, the names were changed so “fano” would turn into “Fano” and “JaMeS” would turn into “James”. However, on August 4, 2009, most Beta Testers’ names were restored, turning “Fano” back into “fano”, or “James” back into “JaMeS”. Today, these penguins are considered very rare, as most have quit because they were banned, they felt too mature for the game, or just got bored of playing. It is not confirmed that famous penguins have Beta Hats, because they were initially seen after the party.


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