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Beta Team login page.

The Beta Team was the team of testing for new games and updates. To log in to Beta Team, your penguin would need to have at least six hours of Club Penguin playing time. It featured games, art, sneak peeks and other things. It closed in February 2013. Only two Beta Team games (Pufflescape and Ice Jam) were made into actual Club Penguin minigames.

Up until it closed you could find these things on the English version:

Old things:

Some features from the English version were not found in other languages.


To use one of the commands, you needed to digit it on the "Enter a Command" bar.

  • help showed the Command List.
  • ls listed all the games.
  • play [game name] opened the game and its description.
  • rate [y/n] rated much you liked a game.
  • comment [user comment] submitted a comment about the game.
  • clear cleared the screen.
  • logout logged you out.


  • When it was launched, Puffle Hat Ideas, Rollerscape Ideas, and Rollerscape History did not work. These glitches were fixed.
  • During a long time, the players couldn't log in. The bugs were fixed.